Sithole the sh*thole...

Zimbabwean Prize winning female track athlete, Samukaliso Sithole, who competed in the triple jump, javelin, shot put and running events and brought homew Zibabwe's only Gold medal in the Southern Region Athletic championships was discovered to be a guy!!

He is facing a charge of " crimen injuria " [ violation of someone's dignity - who dreams up these laws? ]..Prosecutors claim he offended the dignity and sexuality of women who befriended him, confided in him and felt comfortable being naked around him while believing him to be a woman..

Sithole claims in his defence that he was born ' congenitally deformed '. and that a tribal healer gave him " female status " but the spell didn't work porperly because his family didn't fully pay the healer's fee [ see what happens when you try to cheat on your debts? ]

But the funniest part is, on being ' outed ' he was travelling with the team, to a meet, on a train.. He tried to sprint away from the cops but couldn't outrun the police.. his fraud was ' exposed' during a supervised medical examination ...

The Athletic Association says he will ' likely be stripped of his titles and prize money " [ yuh think? ]

I see a movie in this.. [ oh, wait.. guys dressing up as girls.. been done before, hasn't it ? ]
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