Discussion in 'RAC' started by stukky, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. a fcuking hated them!! can you remember? stuck in a tower fur 2 on 4 off no chair, no view, apart from the perimeter fence. rabbit's and the quiz that most of us had the answers to. certainly put me off as a light house keeper.
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Stukky. Not sure what your game is. Are you trying to get a prize for the most threads started and posts in a week. That will just end in tears.

    Site Guards were done by everyone and not just the domain of the RAC. You might get a better responce in one of the main forums.

    If your lot failed to give you any bullets it may have been something to do with them not trusting you.

    Try using a normal key board and others may understand you.
  3. Stukky, i take it your foriegn, your posts are written in a style that even Rab C Nesbitt wouldnt understand, their are 100s of Scots on here, and not one writes like a demented baboon
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator


    Thanks for that – I’ll cancel the appointment with the opticians. :twisted:
  5. Stukky every one else had ammunition, a chair, and a view of the girls school who wrote the stag list?
  6. ..........AND a million horsefly bites as well!! Bloody place. Munster was ours, guardroom was crawling with cockroaches. Suppose the best thing was the Yank PX.
  7. Try stagging on in Munster North after England had just been knocked out of the World Cup longest night of my life
  8. I was at the Sennelager one;One night a young Lt tried to creep up on me,I turned c*cking the SLR which did have bullets!

    He got down the steps a damn sight quicker than he got up them. :p

    Poor guy died a few years later on the Whitebread round the world yacht race.
  9. @stukky. It was 2 hours on 4 off, I think 4hour chunks as crash out team watching videos then some kip and you could sit on the tower floor if you had to. And at Hemer ( was it Hemer, sure it was, Jeez I´m getting old and senile) we used to go bird shooting with a .22 Rimfire thingy. We always got bunged at Imphal cos the fecker was at the back gates. Yank gits. Some silly "wooden spoon" sitting in a glass box looking at your MOD90 I´m sure most of them couldn´t read! :lol:
  10. Handorf School....................................... Line Check??????? :?
  11. When I was with the "Boneheads" we did the Munster job. B & D Sqns, B decided they would do the 1st four days in the site, then change over. Along with "Snake" I was doing the liasion job. Four days sunbathing at Handorf school, only interupted by one crash out & delivering the meals. I ate a lot of cookies from the PX that week.

  12. Only 1 I did in 12 years in Germany was Minden. Memory of people w@nking on the ribbed radiators before they were changed over (that smell was disgusting :evil: ).

    Also Jizzing into the cupped mouth-piece of the telephones and ringing the tower after you were marched back. That sound of bloke gagging after he answered still brings a smile to my face.

    Happy days :D
  13. FAO........ elovabore..........sorry i was wrong about the bullet's, and 4 on. we had 9mm and it was 2 on 4 off. i'm not perfect like you and remember every single detail about almost eveything. In real life i bet your a boring c**t wi no real mates, just the one's who suck up your ARRSE. for example.... scumletto...... now give ex RAC like me a break.
  14. If you are ex RAC, why don't you stop being an irritating cnut,and fukc off to somewhere you might be wanted. (any idea as to why you are ex RAC ?) Think about it---retard. P.S. Elovanicearsedbloke is OK. :D

  15. OOHHHH..


    you should have tried doin spandau prison guard..