Site Update - am 28 June 07

Anyone who was using the default Desert Cam-look ARRSE will have probably noticed there has been a significant change to the site layout. The changes will be spread to the other colour schemes after any gremlins have been chased away.

Changes are:

Addition of 'go to page' box at the bottom of forum pages to allow direct access to pages in long threads.

Get rid of curvy outer page border as it needlessly took up room, added to page complexity and particularly bad for anyone using a lower resolution monitor.

Reorganisation (again!) of the header menu and the addition of a site map page for DII users to be able to reach all parts of the site (currently not working but I'll crack that in a minute!)

Simplification of the forum page-head menu (the little row of links and buttons below the main menu) so that we have just one meny plus some obvious buttons for forum function.

Move main page content up in the forums.

Allow advertisers to use standard size banners without screwing up layout. Previously we had to limit them to odd dimensions which was a right pain for all.

Limit text ad length to one line at the top of the forum pages. Stops long ads pushing main content down the page.

Tidy up of the gallery.

Correct some display errors of the front page 'blocks' (on the right) for users of older versions of internet explorer.

Forum layout cleanup.

Addition of some google text banner ads.

Change to forum pages so that google banners don't affect page width - it should all fit on a screen of 800 x 600 and up without scrolling (unless someone has posted a large image).

Tidy up of the code to make the thing easier to maintain. The old themes had deteriorated into hacked code nightmares over time.

I think that's about it. Bugs here please!
Sorted - thanks BFG!

DII users and anyone else who can't get the pull down main menu to work, should now find that they are taken to a static menu page (ie sitemap) when clicking on the top level of a link like "More ARRSE". Not the ideal solution, but the best I can do for now.
Known issue:

Troops to task banner with google ad screwing up the layout ot 'outside the wire'
Dont know wether its a bug or not.
But in the gallery, the menu (last comments etc) links at the top do not highlight when you move over them.
Not fussed either way but just something I noticed.

Looking good by the way, cheers boss :D
Don't know if it is just where I am. (Unit is still in Computer dark ages)
Can't see a back to top button or the Home page link on the potato head at the top of the page.

Motorman, thats to do with posts and donations to the site. Think its explained in ARRSEpedia somewhere.
Anyone remember this thread ...........

I'm sure GCO will get round to these in due course but I'm sur eyou can understand that it can be a little frustrating for him!
OK - here goes:

HHB - the home page link is the first option in the first option on the menu, but you've a good point, the logo should link to home by common web practice and I will do this.

Ex-stab, I'm not sure which part isn't very easy on the eye so I can't help much. Basically it's the same without the borders, except the menu bar is a bit lighter so you can see the links better, and I've got rid of some bold font. No much I can do without a more precise complaint.

Ex-vdr 1 - good point and I found the same. I ended up using the link in the header menu which isn't ideal. This will be tricky to address without adding white space, but I'll look at it.

Blue Spohist, good point and will be sorted.

Motorman, I will get rid of those rank titles - they're the software default, but they just take up room and make peopl ask why, which we then have to answer!
Some of the google ads at the top of the forums seem to be covering the top of the thread, the advertising bars are ok, it seemed to just be the google on that had shifted or there wasn't enough space for it.

(using FireFox btw)

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