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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bad CO, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    This thread is for the discussion about how we should deal with site trolls. The issue has been troubling us almost since the site started and I suspect always will ......

    My personal thoughts are that the only way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. They crave attention and by discussing them, responding to them and even deleting them you are feeding their mania. Incidentally this is also exactly what this thread is doing as well ........

    Please note that posts along the lines of kill [INSERT USERNAME] will be just deleted as they aren't really very helpful.

    For those who don't know/understand the limitations of the internet/this site the following is a brief resume of the problem:

    1. If you are running an anonymous site like ARRSE, a PERSON can only be identified on the internet by an IP address and/or email address.

    2. Anyone can create multiple email addresses in seconds using a plethora of web sites.

    3. IP addresses can be either dynamic or static. Dynamic addresses change every time an individual logs on and are used by many of the large ISPs such as AOL, Wannadoo, etc.

    Because of these two it is therefore impossible to identify a person based on their IP or email address. Consequently any attempt to ban a PERSON is therefore doomed to failure. All that can be achieved is to force them to create a new USER.
  2. Yes, the best way is to ignore them but eventually someone will bite and it all starts!
  3. Despite the advice above, we (I include myself) find it hard to let some troll have their say undisputed. There is always the feeling that their allegations need to be answered, their 'wit' and 'humour' can be bettered or they just get under one's skin and need to be trashed.
    If my suspicion above is accepted, self-discipline will not work. In addition, these people often carry on wittering away even when their posts do not get any response. Therefore control is needed. We have moderators who sometimes attract criticism for their heightened sense of what is allowable but I cannot think that anyone would object if mods were given the task of protecting the law abiding community from ijut trolls. It seems pointless barring user names as they come back under another name so the point of attack would seem to be higher - I do not have the tech knowledge but I think I am talking about blackballing their IP address; does that work?
    Obviously, if we stopped feeding trolls all would work but things do not follow sensible ideas. I don't know what value the O2 Thief tag has - if it does mean anything perhaps we could create and apply one that says Troll Feeder?
    Any way - something should be done.
    If we can solve this, could we next consider those who abduct the thread and then go on for page after page with pointless argument and counter-argument. As example - and not an isolated case - I refer to the Franky thing on the Deepcut thread. Those who wish to duel on the open forum should be shunted off into PM land. Again, mods to decide and deal. If we don't like what the mods do for us, we must stop feeding trolls and turning the threads into individual A abusing individual B to the exclusion of others.
    There - that is plenty to go on there.
  4. As I suggested before...

    I suppose the MODs could just delete any of the mong's posts as soon as they (the MODs) see them. I appreciate that most MODs have a life outside of ARRSE, but empty posts on a thread would soon make them get bored and ferk off.

    A line inserted by the MODs need just read:

  5. Simple.... if it can be done.... Once said 'Troll' is identified by a MOD can the offending user name and subsequent posts be hidden to all and sundry other than the ‘Troll’? That way they can Troll till their sad little heart is content totally oblivious to the fact that we, the real membership aren’t affected by their stupid ranting?
  6. Boss,

    Simple solution-give the MOD's permission to delete an account that then gets inserted into a 'Sin Bin'/Holding Pen/Pentwyn's second home where you and the GCO (Are you the same person or are you the Stig???) get the final decision.
  7. Exactly as I suggested on the other thread, Shippers:

  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor


    I agree with what you are saying but really what you are asking for is some self-discipline from members. The very nature of the Troll is that they do not have or want to use this very human skill.

    It will be impossible to eradicate trolls in exactly the same way that it is impossible to completely ignore them.

    Especially so if they are spouting off on matters military about which they know the square root of FA and are posting wrong info, often deliberately.

    I have no idea how to sort them out, if I did I would probably be the wisest man in the Kingdom.

    There is also a very fine line between someone 'trailing their coat' during a debate and being an irritating troll. I just wonder if, when attaching an Oxygen Thief tag, a link could be made for all their posts to go automatically into a bin.

    As I say, I have no idea how to deal with them but perhaps the Corps of Gentlemen (and women) known as Arrsers will come up with a theory.

    It does seem strange though that a respected (yet naughty) member of Arrse is banned rather than the Troll.

  9. If I have given this impression - it was a complete cok-up on my part. I do NOT see self-discipline from members as being a solution.
  10. Is it not possible to make the trolls accounts require authentication before being posted, I am trying too recollect on which forum i have posted where all unauthorised members posts are checked, deprived of o2, authenticated? or something? im am sure that the geek's and geekettes amoungst us know better than i what i mean!
  11. Presumably the Troll has been banned (and has returned with a new ID) in the same way Flash has been banned (and has returned with a new ID)?
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    1.Top of this forum.

    2. Thread title is 'How to deal with oxygen thieves'

    3. Download BFG's excellent sh1t-list and all your trolling problems are gone (doesn't stop them PMing you admittedly but that's the only down side)
  13. How about posting the shitlist of o2 thiefs oe just give them there own forum? and lock them to it.
  14. If that's possible it's a wonderful idea.
  15. here's a question for the COs.

    obviously you have the mods only forum etc, which most of us do not have the necessary privileges to post upon. therefore i assume it is feasible to amend privileges for both forums and users.

    is it not technically possible to remove the privileges for Oxygen Thieves, so that they can only post in the arrsehole (or maybe the naafi bar too)?