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Site penis of the year.

Who is the glans of the year?

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@earth is a good shout and @Bravo_Bravo has been an utter cúnt recently, but his push for SPotY is pretty transparent, so he should be ignored as usual.

Hard to see past @DaManBugs this year - he's been exceptional.


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Ok, the man is a cock of immense proportions, has been a bellend all year and is a snivelling wretch who deserves the award. He has a small penis as well!
He’s demonstrated admirably in this thread why he should Ben given the accolade without a vote even. Not only is he a trolling throbber but he’s a serving crab. I had no idea until @supermatelot posted it. I was absolutely pissing myself. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on here this year. He now has a minus rating for credibility - it was previously zero.

Im still pissing myself. Class. That is so funny
Im still pissing myself.
To move back to the topic and away from the handbags, a late nomination in the form of @Sabretooth - a recent arrival from across the pond.

Opened his candidacy with an "It's all the fault of the Jews" diatribe, backed by some "facts" written on some sites with a dubious lack of peer review and a clear political agenda. Starts here and goes rapidly downhill from there. Also sundry other demonstrations of a global level of penistry on a slack handful of other threads.

The apparently anti-Semitic little backwater racist. Hoo-rah!!!

Most probably a sock for @Robme, who I've already nominated towards the start of the thread

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