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Site penis of the year.

Who is the glans of the year?

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u ok hun?

{ETA - I see the ARRSE team of attack puppies have joined in the fun. Even the naughty one that has been told to stop being a needy pest... )
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Weak trolling from the site SME.

Up your game, boy . . .
Its like goldy and silvery in your little world, isn't it?

As others have noticed, you seem to be flailing around quite a bit of late.

You managed to stop for a couple of days, to be fair.


WOW!!!! Jarrod and I. Hoo! What the spackerman means is: just how important am I!!!.
"Jarrod and I have decided". Who the fück are Jarrod and the spackerman to decide anything at all? Who elected them to decide what?




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That's rather cute.

. . . anyway, haven't got to be in the Covid vaccine thread punting out some more of your conspiracy bollox?

And don't forget contrails. Contrails are a conspiracy, too.

for a conspiraloon they are 'chemtrails'


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