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Site penis of the year.

Who is the glans of the year?

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Coming from you; who reminds me of the door gunner in full metal jacket. Anyone who runs is a deep racist orange man bad supporter and anyone, who stands still is a russian operative.
Anybody who thinks this guy is going to save orange man deserves a lifetime SPOTY award.
rudy-giuliani Wal2l.jpg


War Hero
Whatever do you mean?
Ah, you are quite right Stacker. I got carried away with myself, didn’t tag the miscreant or include evidence of his misbehaviour. I forgot that it’s all just a bit of light hearted fun.


Book Reviewer
I don't see why @A signaller has been nominated. Most of his posts are fine.

@A signaller wasn't being nominated in that post mate but was being told that he'd been nominated by someone else.

Some may consider him a boring fart and, although he has a total lack of Persec and does hark back to the past a lot, he's harmless, polite and hasn't any sign of nastiness in him.

Right's right so I don't mind white-knighting him. He's certainly not SPoTY material especially considering some of the swamp-dwellers on offer...
This needs more thought. You can have a herd of cows and a gaggle of geese. But what is it when there are so many, many candidates for SPOTY. There's a distinct possibility there could be a tie for first place.

Earth (also front runner for Street-shitting rapist of the year)

So what would it be?

A cumming of SPOTYs?
An ejaculation?
A dribble?
A wanking?

I think we need to decide this first before the SPOTY is detrmined.

A clusterwankspanglecunt.

That should also annoy @KnockKnock.



Book Reviewer
What's the prize, a Life of Brian crucifix?
Im the biggest cock.jpg


Book Reviewer
I was talking to mastu Moderator.

And I think you'll find BB is Far King L.

I thought he had another sockie with a picture of Daniel Craig as a masturbator?

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