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Early contender for 2021?

When our 'death photos' were taken for a tour it was thought to be a good idea to have one of the ambulances in the background. on processing the images you can see a cock 'drawn' on the side of it - probably with a slightly greasy finger making a subtle mark on the paintwork. THIS WAS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO DO WITH ME FOR A CHANGE

get everyone back, shoot again...

I think it would have been appropriate..

Imagine the scene

Sombre looking newscaster, lowers voice slightly,

"and today the MoD can announce the death of Toppers in Afghanistan"

cut to photo of me grinning like the twat I am in front of a subtle cock drawing.

"Toppers was involved in an incident witnesses described as 'bloody foolish' and "possibly sexual in nature"
"The MoD has declined to comment until after the war crimes tribunal and the vets report"


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You would what with a rubber cock? You ******* weirdo.
I thought it was @Himmler74 on the shelf...

In the way not-quite Royal Marines are known as 'rubber daggers', are not-quite RAF Regt. known as 'rubber cocks'?
Indeed and much better than @Joker62 managed. It’s even still going:)

Im pretty sure it got the most post counts ever. But then that what happens when experts run the show.
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