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Site penis of the year.

Who is the glans of the year?

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Just been listening to this - ( its lengthy but worthwhile ) Claire Fox ......

Once upon a time I would happily have ridiculed the Commie, Libertarian bitch - but she has matured.
Don't fancy her but would love to spend some time getting to know the real Claire

This is good

Fu** her and the horse she rode in on.



It will be over when we get to read the winner's acceptance won't it?
The winner has been logged in and downmarking posts yet has eschewed the limelight herein. SPotY indeed, the snivelling, craven shitweasel....


Hey, you ok hun? I thought it was you @ACAB @NSP stalking me, looking for posts, @vinniethemanxcat comments on how amazing his food is yet doesn’t post pictures of it, much like you and your side kicks,
When you go quoting the three of our call signs in multiple threads to try and cause a bun fight in the hope one of us ends up on RoPs then you are bound to get called out as a throbber.

not sure about anyone else but I don’t stalk you. I just don’t like you.


Book Reviewer
Look on the bookshelf...

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