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Site mail

I was wondering if something had changed with the site mail ?

According to my Private Messages in the top righ corner of my screen I have 1 new message.

But I dont have a new message in my inbox

Also I used to get a pop up for new mail and thats gone
If you're talking PMs, this has been discussed many times before -but once again...

If someone sends you a PM, it goes into their Outbox. If it is still in their outbox and not "sent" box , it means you haven't opened it. They have the option to delete the messages in their outbox.

If this happens, you get a notification that you have a new PM but there's nothing there - as it was deleted before you got to read it.

Different problem - it's because the PM counter has never worked 100%. This will go when we switch to new software and I am still cracking on with this and do hope to be on within a month now. Therefore please bear with it and lets hope that all our PM woes vanish with the new system.

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