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You'll have noticed a change. We needed to switch the site 'themes' (yes there are more than one for those who hadn't noticed - can be changed in Your Account, preferences once you've joined), as the old ones were falling to bits in a website programming sort of way.

You may or may not like the change and I can't please all the people etc... Desert Cam? I agree with some that it's a bit naff (and American gung ho?), but most like it as the poll further down this forum shows. It's now the default theme for visitors to the site.

You'll have been switched to the 'light' theme if you were previously using the light blue one. This is a long overdue attempt to make site use less obvious for those at work: faded header logo, no signature pictures, no avatar pictures and generally very pale. Some images had to stay because of software constraints (eg. medals), although I'm hoping to work out a way to get these replaced by text when I get a moment.

Those who used the old 'cpgnuke' theme should have a version of it as 'Old_ARRSE'. For those who don't know, this is roughly how the site looked 4 years ago, although then it changed on an almost daily basis as we learned from scratch how web pages worked.

That's it. I hope you like the new look, and if you don't, well you can post your objections here and something may come of it, but I'm not promising!
Small issue - might be one with my browser but this current style has the user links: "form FAQ, Search, Messages" etc is all printed twice.
Who's broken my Arrse????????

Oh and this bit Forums > > ARRSE: Site Issues, Shop, Jobs, Complaints, Ideas used to be hotlinked by category, but that's not possible now....
I'd only just swapped over from the green one to the blue (don't recall their names) one, and now it doesn't exist anymore....

However, I like the new ones too.
PartTimePongo said:
Used to use the Arrse Classic Good Boss, the cool blue one. Used to be able to click on those headings as I remember
Will have a look tomorrow. Need to assume the prone unsupported position.
As long as I can still spout drivel whenever I post, any theme is fine! I will have a go with the plain one for work. It will be good for my career propects, ta for that Good CO.
Liking both the cam theme and the greyman one. One thing I have noticed on both themes so far is some of the forum index pages become "wider" than full page and you end up having to "shuffle" the page back and forth to see all the information. The forum threads that I have looked at seem ok and fit in the page width (barring large photos being on page). Not sure if it's just my browsers (have tried Avant, IE, FF and Opera all same results) or the individual forum page settings.
3 years a member of ARRSE. 3rd change at least! does things to ya!
Your forum my comments; fill your boots :D

Edited for being a time lord

with a year out!!


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OK, Grumpy Old Man theme - preferred the old scheme but as GCO says he will not please everyone and I suppose I will get used to it :cry:

I am sorry that the avatars have gone as they were a way for people to express themselves a bit, some were completely naff but other were excellent. I hope there is a bit of pressure to have them return.

I will just have to go out on the Scottish Crawl tonight and have a good moan!!!!!!!!!! :p
My twopenneth: In desert cam mode links in posts don't show as differently coloured as they did before, they're only noticeable when you run the pointer over it. The page view I had set before was alternate white and pale blue post boxes with black text but pale blue if there was a link - easy on the eye.
Auld-Yin said:
.....I am sorry that the avatars have gone as they were a way for people to express themselves a bit, some were completely naff but other were excellent. I hope there is a bit of pressure to have them return.......
My vote in the Poll was that the New Look was 'Rather Bright' and I guess the added comment would be 'Rather Bland.'

I do not however regard the theme colour(s) as a major issue, but I do strongly support Auld-Yin in the request for the return of the Avatars.

Without the Avatars, the Forums have no character.

There are very few, if any, Forums that I am aware of that do not provide the Avatar option and I am quite surprised at the decision to remove them from the Forums.

Please reconsider.

Thank you. :salut:

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