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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by reskev, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. C'mon guys lets here your roaring stories about site gaurd. Münster or Senny. Gotta have been the most boring week ever done on a duty..
    Especially going from tower to tower from midnight through to 6 am..
    I can still recall the smell of p#sh on the radiators.

  2. Jesus Christ (shudder goes down back as he recalls site guard from the misty depths) - had forgotten about this little beauty.

    In a true sapper stylee I have a photo of me stagging on at one complete with skid lid, smg, flack jacket and trousers round me ankles! 8O Whatan utter dirge site guard was.
  3. Munster Guard, What can i say Fly's, Fly's and more Fecking Fly's,
    If god wanted to give Germany an Enema Guess where he'd stick the tube.

    Picture the scene, it's mid 70's at Munster An American General is giving us a F.F.R. Speaks to one Gnr Willie McGowan, "What action would you take if a Russian tank was approaching the perimeter wire", Willie replied, " I knock it out with my Carly G," Carl Gustav 84mm AT Gun, American Gen Looking a little perplex says"And where would you get one of those?", " Same place you got your tank" Willie replied.

    You could have heard a pin drop on the Officers side, the BSM Was a loverly shade of Purple, and there was several snigger's from the OR's.

    Willie did several weekend guards for that but it brightened up one boring duty.
  4. By christ!! Munster Nord, what a feckin pile of poodle shite! Used to love the yanks running out in the morning for pt singing their cadence shite. Then come back in dribs and drabs 10 minutes later dragging their lungs behind.
  5. Fcuking Munster Nord..... Where do you start on that pile of crap? 6 hours on the towers. The b**tard before you is guaranteed to have chucked one out all over the radiator then turned it on full so the next in the tower could enjoy the ambience. Trying to have a sneaky fag in tower four without being seen by the main tower. Sitting in the smallest room set furthest from all the doors with all your kit on on 1 minutes notice. I bet there was fcuk all in there anyway!
  6. I remember on 1 Munster nord at first light we had to walk round between the outer and inner perimiter fences to pick up any crap that may have landed there..we found a black outer NBC glove full of kack and in the top was the white inner used to wipe the dirty barstewards ass. There was a quick parade after that to find out who had only 1 glove...we never found him..but mate that was quite funny.
    Munster nord is where i learned how to play eucre and make egg banjos by the bucketfull.
  7. It was far worse than that on the radiator!
  8. Site guards at senny arrrgh lack of manpower having to do 2 weeks in the towers.

    Having to escort the yanks and contractors during your off shift

    Top food 'gag' spent 4 days in Med centre after passing out during a QRF call out, funny as **** had food poisoning woke in clean ward with a clean nurse tendering my fevered brow and my OC asking where my gat and ammo was. (Ops officer put it under his desk)
  9. What's a nord?

    P.S. did the Americans bring any benefits to the camp/ did you converse etc.