Site guard -Nuclear weapons ?

Spent many a wasted hour on Site Guard in Germany - never quite knew if they really did have anything in them bunkers - does any one know for sure ?????????/
Yeah, they were full of discarded Fruit Dumplings in Butterscotch compo. :D


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YouKnowItsMe said:
Its where they buried the cheese possessed
I know we don't like the boxheads and have come to grips with them on a couple of occasions, but I don't think we would do something as drastic as what you contend. It is against the Geneva Convention FFS.
There was no way that was sponge either. No matter how long mine was on the boil it never softened.
Sensible head on, that was the whole Idea, if we didn' t know how the hell could the baddies. worst one I did was where we could see our blocks from the tower, the site being just over the road from our camp!
Site Guards...............that was where we used to watch all those videos wasn't it? :lol:

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