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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Good CO, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I thought some might be interested to know some of the site stats comparing 2008 with 2007 (from Google Analytics).

    Good news:

    Visits +39% (6,300,000)
    Page views + 14.5% (69,000,000)

    Bad news:

    A decrease in the average number of pages each person views during each visit to the site: -17.5% (11.02)

    Other odds and sods:

    The front page / design change in July saw a marked improvement in almost all stats (I do know there are many weakpoints though).

    71% increase in the number of visits from the US.
    60% increase in the number of visits from Ireland
    260% increase in the number of visits from Barbados. Which regular ARRSE user put his feet up and retired to the sun in 2008?

    Google images was the biggest source of traffic except normal search engine results.

    Pprune was the biggest source of traffic except for Search engines and our own sites (RR, RP).

    'army jokes' and 'eddie stone' were the most searched for phrases that led to us except for variations on 'arrse'
  2. Oustanding stuff Good CO, and a Happy New Year to you!
  3. Sneck.
  4. aren't stats dull.
  5. Can we narrow it down to visitors with a Houses of Parliament address
  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    And ARRSE is now officially 7 years old so Happy Birthday us!!!
  7. This would be brilliant news if three quarters of those new Arrsers weren't spotty little freaks asking bone questions about which Corps to join and why.

    Does Arrse really need to be bigger than it is? Who exactly are we reaching out to these days?
  8. It's 7 years already????
  9. 7 years!!!.. goodness how the time has flown! Happy Birthday ARRSE :wink:
  10. I've a feeling I know which titled man about town may be responsible for this particular spike.

    HNY Good CO and hats off!
  11. Anybody seen Flashy's bunny rabbit? :roll:
  12. Do we get cake?? :D
  13. My thoughts exactly. :roll:

    How long into 2009 before it goes mental yet again? Fcuking loon.

    7 years? It actually feels longer. It actually feels as if the site has been here forever. Maybe it just seems that way?

    Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking I feel we may need to get Simon Schama to do a 5 part series on the history of the site. It's certainly had it's ups and downs and makes Coronation-Farm-Hollyoaks-Enders-Street look positively dull.

    Good CO. I'm surprised you didn't place the fact that a 71% increase from septics visiting the site in the 'Bad things'. :roll:

    Have we commissioned Fortunato Foti to chuck a few bangers in the air for 2012? Or shall we just rely on cpunk to stick a Schermuly up his ricker?
  14. At this point we have a total of 41851 members of ARRSE. That's a lot isn't it?

    Well no. There are hundreds if not thousands who are 'no post wonders'. They joined in Jul 03 (I know, 'the crash') and have contributed nothing. Why not just bin the lot of them. If you join and don't make a post then they should be deleted after say, 2 months. Cut out the deadwood and free up some decent usernames/bandwidth.