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Site dramas

Apologies for the site being down most of the evening but we've been buried under hits as a result of the whole Amarillo thing. Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon!
Don't do that ever again. Do you realise that for nearly 3 hours I was clicking the refresh button. My flatmate thinks I've got an addiction. But i haven't. I can stop any time I want. Get off my case.

Oh, it's good to have arrse back!

I was so bored, this morning that I had to do my filing.

MY F*CKING FILING, for F*cks sake.

That's what I have underlings for. :D
Bad CO said:
Wonder why!!!!! I've spent most of the last two days trying to get us back up and running so maybe it is understandable.
But thought you were all knowing and all powerful, BCO... surely you could have predicted this at least a month ago and taken steps to avoid it? No need to snap at us for your own sheer carelessness ;) :lol:


I’ve just spent this morning wondering where my ARRSE is. I came very close to doing some work, don’t ever do that again :)
Bad CO said:
Little Jack H said:
Please ban me, delete my username and cast me into the darkness of mil.com!!
Seriously though I think we'll be moving to a bigger. better server in the not too distant future!
Well make sure its better than the Defence Intranet server, it's just crashed again.
Withdrawal symptoms here too (shortness of breath, sweaty, sticky knob).

A virtual bottle of Port to Ghostie for provoking the drama, another to BadCO for the recovery.
CrapSpy said:
... the Defence Intranet server, it's just crashed again.
Looks like there've been outbreaks of "work" all around the globe. I actually had to stop Arrsing/playing Megaplex and take a look at Riyadh for a few hours. It's changed since I last saw it.

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