Site Down

Apologies to all those who've been unable to log on for the last 40 mins but we've had server problems. Fortunately they've been sorted now and hopefully normal service should be resumed!
Had noticed, but no worries. Nobody should ever expect that any site will be 'glitch' free all the time.

I'm impressed it was only 40 minutes :)
I noticed!!
In fact my tower now has three or so new dents in it...
I need to start/stop thinking laterally...
The problem might not be at this end...
God I need IT training!
Do they have IT for idiots? 8O
so I take it the 40 minute trial to out-source ARRSE to EDS was a complete flop then?! :wink:
To make matters worse I the managed to compound the error by deleting half the database..... fortunately GoodCo is quite good about backing the site up and we were able to recover.....
I have a sneaking suspicion that any IM sent in the last 2 days will have been lost as a result of this - apologies to anyone effected....
Bad CO said:
I have a sneaking suspicion that any IM sent in the last 2 days will have been lost as a result of this - apologies to anyone effected....
Picture of Flash, standing in a corner, smoking a tab, whistling and grinning at that one :wink:
Errr.... I can't get "view posts since last visit" to work....... the two timings appear OK ("You logged on at" / "You last logged on at"), but I get "No topics or posts met your criteria.

Hope this helps :)
I'll have a look at that now. By the way we know that the gallery is US and are working on it. Hopefully it is not FUBAR.
It also appears that you cannot access page two or greater in any search results.

Have you recently upgraded the site?
It appears that MOD REWRITE has been introduced which I think is the cause of this problem.


Yes I had to get mod_rewrite turned on to install a mod that allows the google ad search bot jobbers to crawl the site. I'll look in to the problem.

Regarding post since last visit, the functions seems to work, but has lost a couple of days worth of memory (since the last site backup we did). Give it a day or so to get back on track and see if it's still US. I would appreciate further messages in here about the results, and of course and other problems.
SORRY SORRY SORRY! The site just ground to a halt and then died. I think we are overloading the server and I've just removed some recent mods that increased the demands on processor power - page generation times were up to about 30 seconds. Please bear with it. The site will shortly move to a much more powerful server and all will be well.

Gunny, I've still got all the photos BUT we may need the desriptions again. I think your next medal may be the LS(sufference)&GS.
I've had some trouble with PM's this evening. They wont submit - just wondered if this was a symptom of the problems you've been having.

another minor glitch?
in the top header i cannot access forums tells me page does not exist? rest of tabs are ok!

2. adjust the clock maybe when you get the major ones out the way?
Gallery up and running again, but we've lost all photo descriptions. My fault for not backing up the database correctly. I have just spent about 3 hours getting the thing back online though so I have paid my penance.

Anyone who has submitted (GH again!) please resumbit any comments you wish to add, and I'll get my act in order next time.

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