Sit ups, press ups, chins.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Morty, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. On medical selection, whats accepted as pretty decent amount of push ups, sit ups and chins? I reckon I can bash out forty odd press ups, maybe a dozen chins, but i'm REALLY sh*t at sit ups. I can do maybe a dozen in one go if my feet aren't locked under anything, if they are under something i'm alright, but thats cheating 'aint it. I'm not doing my medical for a couple of months yet so got time to work on it, and I am regularly working out, but just wanna know what kind of level I should be looking at. I want to join RA, with a view to eventually doing selection for 4/73 Sphinx Bty. Im happy with my mile and half, 10 on average, and done 11 with 30kg weight.
    Any comments or abuse greatly appreciated.
  2. you don't get tested on sit ups and push ups at RSC lichfield/pirbright where ever it is you'll go for it but i will say a dozen chins is good mate which you do get tested on! when you them you'll be watched by a few lads cuz you do your tests in groups and you'll fell the urge to do a few extra and as for your 1.5 miles gleaming time mate i can't remember all the test but i'm sure tha army website will have them!!! good luck dude!!
  3. Good to know, taric, cheers mate. The fact I only weigh 65kg helps a lot with chins!
  4. so do i morty i'm about that weight it's not a prob at all!
  5. You want to look at (roughy)

    10-12 chins
    50 Press ups
    50 Situps (you do get your ankles locked, its not cheating as its not fooking your back up!!)

    For times on the run, you should look around 9.30ish, though anything under 10.30 is a pass.
  6. Nice one guys, thats what i'm aiming for then!
  7. Be the best...

    Aim high. 77 (feet locked) sit ups, 72 press ups and 8:15 on the run gets you max points. Train hard and at 65kg you'll do it easily.
  8. You actually don't get tested on chins any more which is handy for me as I'm over 15 stone... The rest of your scores are good and will get better during your taining, nice one...
  9. Here are the correct run times buddy! Good Luck!

    The Parachute Regiment must complete the run in 9:18.
    The Infantry and Pioneers must complete the run in 12:45.

    The Royal Artillery, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Engineers and Household Cavalry must complete the run in 13:15.
    Junior Entry Army Foundation College candidates must complete the run in 14:30.
    Junior Entry Army Development Course candidates and all other Arms and Corps must complete the run in 14:00.
  10. Had a word with me local ACO, showed me a DVD with loads of overweight young 'uns failing medical selection, and gave me a six week fitness plan which was really quite basic but good for anyone not used to taking regular excercise. Cheers chaps, thats well set me mind at rest, now just gotta cut out the ciggy's and jobs a gud 'un!
  11. I went for my selection at lichfield 2 weeks ago and they dont do press ups or sit ups anymore, but that doesnt make it anymore easier. Cowhead dunno where you got your info from but 2 weeks ago i did selection and we were still doing the ole pull-ups.
    You do the 1.5 mile run, the chin ups, then about 3 tests using machines where you pull against a rope as hard as you can and the machine gives out a reading of how much wieght your pulling.
    I assume your a small lad wieghing that much so the hardest part for you will probobly be the jerry can walk, 2 jerry cans 20 pounds each - walk as far as you can with them at the pace the Pti sets. Distances needed varies but im for infantry and i needed 150 meters, may be higher for paras but to my knowledge that is the highest distance you need.
    Give it all you have and you will do fine, if you do crap on one test and urinate all over another test they will let you off, i was sweating like a pig and slipped off the bar on my 3rd pull up but aced all the other tests so it balanced it out (Actually slipped so bad i fell on my back and winded myself, earning myself the nickname "Special boy" :oops: ). most importantly you have to put as much effort in as possible because they will be watching you like a hawk and will no if your holding back effort, get the viens bulging out of your forehead, your face red, the sweat pouring off you and get grunting like a constipated spastic, give it all you have and then some and i promise you will not fail the physical side.
    Any other questions on the selection and just PM me matey, i was here 3 weeks ago asking questions about selection and everyone was a great help. Dont hesitate to ask :)

    Bradders :twisted:
  12. Cheers bradders, i'll keep those points in mind. Well done on passing and good luck with your basic. Lol 'special boy'!
  13. To be fair I joined up in 2002 so I'm a little out of date. Once your in the BPFA doesnt use Chin ups as a test, thought that would have carried through to the recruit selection test.

    Soz for misleading you!
  14. id say i could do as many situps as i like (feet locked), its jus bout the time issue if there is one, i can do about a dozen chin ups (bout 15 if i really wana push my self)...but its jus the press ups thats the problem
  15. Thats what I thought till I tried to do as many as possible in 2 mins!