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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by AA_09, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I'm curious, I'm planning on attending the AOSB briefing and have seen that you need to do sit-ups (50 in two minutes, right?) My question is, do you have somewhere to place your feet or someone to sit/stand on them? Because I've been practising and have always done it by placing my feet under the sofa. Is this wrong? Should I be practising with nothing on my feet whatsoever?

  2. Thanks mate, that boosted my confidence no end, LOL. I can rattle off 50 in 58 seconds, is that good or should I look to lower it? Also, if you complete the 50 in under the time limit, do you continue to do more or is that just pointless showing off?
  3. Are you doing them correctly?

  4. Train without someone holding them. Don't go for speed in training go for technique! Speed will come when you have good technique and this will be made easier by someone gripping your feet!
  5. Yes I believe that I'm doing them correctly, I place my feet together and under the sofa/someone's feet, cross my arms with each hand touching each opposite shoulder blade. I go down just far enough to allow my shoulder blades to touch the floor. Is this correct? I believe I have good technique but I'm going to start practising more with someone holding my feet so I get used to it.
  6. thats quite impressive mate, keep practicing though. Remember the old cliche, train hard fight easy!
  7. A good way to practise sit-ups is to isolate the abdominals, by performing the repetitions without anyone/anything holding your feet. You'll find you can do a few less this way, as you're taking your hip flexors out of the equation, and just using your abs.
  8. If you are going for a soldier entry sit ups are not tested until basic, although I believe officer entry is different. Practising sit ups obvisouly is a good way to get used to doing them, lol. But, other abdominal excerises like planks, v sits, reverse curls, half extensions are very good as they develop your core strength and work on all the other groups of the abdominals, I also find press ups helpful although I am not sure why. Anyway, have fun training.
  9. hi can you tell me do they check pressups and adsc or at basic?
  10. With regards stopping once you've reached the target figure: If the army officer selection is anything like the Air Force which is my organisation, achievment at officer selection directly relates to your training regime at Cranwell (Sandhurst for you). For example, if I get into the deep blue zone, which is the best standard for fitness, I'll be put into A Sqn, which doesn't get beasted so much. If I just scrape through, then it's D Sqn for me, and I'll get beasted day in, day out.
  11. It's not.
  12. Although you cannot be failed for stopping once you meet the required number it would be frowned upon especially as an Offficer, how can you gain respect if you are a smug git.

    On a personal note if you do your 50 sit ups slowly you will improve your muscle tone and 6 pack as you will be working both (the raising group and the lowering group) more continuously. ie 120 secs of exercise instead of 58
  13. You're instructed to stop once you've done 50. There is no option to continue. On the day, as long as your form remains tight, bash them out as quickly as possible; shows determination.
  14. I think a lot of these questions could be answered in the officer section, but about the above.

    I was under the impression that you kept going until you dropped and there was a point scheme used for how far over the baseline you were.

    For example, 50 is a pass, I think 75 sit ups is 100 marks. Thats an example, I'm not sure about the levels.
  15. Ian Ian Ian! Surely you have spent long enough in the AOSB forum to know that is wrong. 100 marks? 100 out of what?

    You are stopped at 50 sit ups and are not permitted to do anymore.