Sit/Press up entry req. Not on MATT page

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crescent, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Evenin'

    Can someone please tell me or direct me to the minimum sit up and press up requirements for selection/intake/entry stage?

    MATT page gives requirements for in-service personnel.

    (Good for the exact tecnique information though, thanks to all who have posted the link before)

    This link is few years old now, but if there's anything similar and/or updated that I've overlooked out there, please can you post a link?

    Many thanks all!
  2. ask the PTIs

    no more 300 club, just a simple pass mark (what used to be the 70% mark - if I remember correctly)

    I only needed 40 press ups and sit ups the other day, and 12 mins for my run. But I am an old git after all!
  3. I'd suggest that you work to the MATTS standards and get a head start over everyone else in your intake. If you can't achieve MATTS now how are you going to do it in three months time?
  4. Aye, am doing so already. Wanted to know out of curiosity more than anything. Mainly to see how far over MATTs I am, and if worse comes to worse and I fcuk up on the day, how much margin I have to fcuk up in just in case.
  5. have a word in the PTIs shell like

    the scores matrix should be displayed in the gym, or on a notice board for all to see
  6. You'll find that the link in "Standards of Military Fitness" will provide 136 pages of exciting info on the fitness requirements for MATTS.

    The details you need are in there.


    (Is at top of page, as a sticky)