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Sisters - so wrong its good

It appears that Penelope Cruz's brother is aiming to dominate the world of pop and what better way than to get your two stunning sisters to play with each other?

His video is here:

Cosas Que Contar

Pay special attention to 2:55 or so

If incest is wrong why is this soooooo good?
Airfix said:
theoriginalphantom said:
Airfix said:
Rumpelstiltskin said:
It would bebetter if they both then sucked him off.

Or failing that, they sucked me me off!
Get in line... gringo!
You want to suck him off before Rumpelstiltskin does?
Look, I'm not to blame if Rumple forgot to write my bold above!
I don't want to suck my me off, I just want them to swill it around a bit.

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