Sister refuses lifesaving treatment to Brother

how callous is that ? the sister is refusing to donate bone marrow to help her Brother to beat leukaemia, this is about as low as you can get, whatever the reasons for sibling rivalries, this also includes the Mother as the veritable bitch queen from hell is in this as well, with families like this, I would not wish this on my worst enemy.
this has been running in the Daily Mail for a few days now, once he dies, it would be too late to change her mind, I hope her conscience if she ever develop one will haunt her til her dying days.
I'll give that bitch a boner-- up her narrow arrsehole!
She's probably HIV+ or wrong blood group.

I don't trust these lying cnuts who write these 'news stories' anyway.

Anyone actually know the dirch on this ?
Suck it up mate, life can be cruel and oblivion is only ever a heartbeat away.
trenau said:
The thing is if you know that you are a match for someone if they need your help how can you refuse .

Because i could not

The only match you would have would be a Baboons arse. So unless Twycross Zoo need to save a primates life, I doubt there would be any need for your rotten festering bodily fluids.
Here you go mate, choc full of bone marrow!

Bump !

I wonder what happened to him now, its been three months since this all blew up.

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