Sister of Fallen Woofer grads AFC.

She was a good JS and Vinnie's son was as well. Weather conditions were bloody horrenduous in Harrogate today so was immensely proud of how well all the JS did on the parade. Well done to all of them!


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Well done to her

A piece in the Mail about Vinny Jones' boy

Footballer turned Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones spoke of his pride yesterday as his teenage son passed out of army training college.

Aaron Ellison-Jones, 17, is joining the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals, the regiment Prince Harry joined after graduating from Sandhurst, and expects to be taking part in next year's Trooping of the Colour ceremony.

Mr Jones, 43, who flew in from his home in Los Angeles for the parade, echoed his famous line from the 1998 film Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels when he said:'I am very proud of him, it was a very emotional experience.

Proud dad: Vinnie Jones and his son Aaron after the passing out parade at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

'I have done a few things in my life but Aaron is starting out on something that is bigger than anything I have ever achieved.

'The decision Aaron made to join the Army has made a man of him. This is a lad who is going to protect our country.

'He has learned a great of physical and mental toughness.

'I had to be fit to play football but he has to do his job with a back pack on.'
To paraphrase the words of Rudyard Kipling, " You're a better man than I am Emma Ford."

Big hurdle for both her and her parents and I wish her all the very best for her chosen career. Well done.
Chris_2oo6 said:
he was in the woofers not the vikings

well done to her though
must type faster must type faster
Yes Was A Horrendous Day. But The Js Did A Great Passout Parade. Well Done To Them All. ( Especially To My Son ) :D :D :D

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