sister in law is arrsehole

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Now dont get me wrong I love the mother and father in law more than my own parents... one coz my family are worm food and two coz they are always there for me and mrs DD, however my sister in law is the biggest prick on the planet!!! let me set the scene... discodan checking current affairs on arrse on thier "FAMILY" pc and the sister in law tells them I have been surfing a porn site and the reason she checks history every day is to clear it as she is a bad gambler and has racked up a MASSIVE Debt on her credit cards on gambling sites and does not want parents to know.... what a tw@, anyway they ask me and mrs DD to look after thier house whilst they are on thier holidays this week... disco goes to get on PC and sister in law has passworded her PC.. now am no oxford schollar but I am a pc and phone engineer .. a quick F8 into administrator mode gets me into thier PC and I am back online... my question to fellow3 arrsers is what should I change the evil little bitches passwords to?, and should I print out all HER history so her mam and dad know why they can not get a loan for a new car as she has blacklisted thier address?.

    its up to you chaps :D
  2. Burn the witch
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Get her records from Experian and send them to the in-laws...

  4. IMHO mate, your in-laws have a right to know, especially if that's the extent of crap she's gotten into. Fcuk it mate, dob her in, leaving PC password protected just to stop you getting on was pretty low as well, the cow deserves all she gets.

    As for the password, change it to "busted" and leave little clues around the house, like posters of a certain boy-band. Change the wallpaper on the computer though, so that when her tiny brain does work out what the password is, she's greeted with a faceful of some "debt-management" company's website. I'm sure you can do something to ensure that it recurrs if she tries to remove it.

    Hope this helps mate.

  5. OK, OK missed this then, where is it.................????
  6. DD, regardless of her being the bitch you say she is, I wouldn't print out her sh1t, it could cause a massive family rift and afterall, it is her PC. However, changing the password and pretending to know nowt about it sounds like excellent payback!!! You'll be able to watch how pissed off she gets! 'Fix it' for her a few days later and she'll do anything for you (oooer)! Do it DD ---- you know you want to! :twisted:
  7. lol its not her pc dude lol... its her mum and dads which I helped them set up... she has got them more viruses than the liverpool school of tropical medacine over the past few months which they make me come over and sort out lol...
  8. From surfing which sorts of site?
  9. she used to be on lime-wire but now she on some wad warez site and she has no firewall or virus checker.. I was going to upload nortons and ban her off every single site she used... but to be honest I am not that childish I will just let it slide till they need PC help lol
  10. Shut it, family fights are what made Britian Great!

    Do it Dan.

    Print it out, show it to her first, ask her what it's worth, have her beg a little, cry a little, offer you a few favours then say nah, and send it to the parents.

    It's the right thing to do. :)

    Beebs x
  11. nahhh am a good boy I will just take a screenshot and set it as her dads desktop lol
  12. Sh*g her, you know she wants it.
  13. Download a virus onto a floppy or pen drive, install it, let it do its evil work then she gets the blame!
  14. Show the in-laws! Definitely. It's not even wrong, really, if her naughty habit is causing her parents to be blacklisted on credit-checking agencies. Stupid bint.
    If you want to avoid any flak, just make some print outs of certain screens (history, etc.) and leace them in the computer room for her rents to find. Then put your feet up. :D
  15. Stick to that idea, set it as everyone's desktop and change the password to blackmailed :D