Sirus Star - Place Your Bets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Danny_Dravot, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Collation SOF Tps whack the bad guys

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  2. Saudis give it large, but pay up anyway

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  3. bad guys lose patience and kill everybody on board and cause environmental disaster

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  4. Saudi SF, bungle the op and everybody dies

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  1. it will be interesting to see how this one pans out?

    Irrespective of who owns the ship, the oil on board belongs to Saudi...they don't have CT / maritime interdiction capability so may pressure UK/US SOF tps to conduct an op...we then have an interesting situation....

    or, they may just cough the ransom?

    or, go french on the pay the ransom then mallet the perpetrators as they make their exit!

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  2. Time for a convoy system?

    I cant see anything coming close to a convoy with a few Yank destroyers brasssing up every small ship in sight.
  3. The Saudi's have got a bit of leverage with the UK.............theres a large order for Typhoons to consider :wink:
  4. time to do it would have been before it reached port now your looking at 100 plus khat smoking yahoos on board plus fire support from ashore.
    although smoking skinnys with a spectre would put a serious crimp in the pirate business :roll:
    once the ship is free just roll in and brass up every boat in the harbour :(
  5. Some punter on C4 news now, ex container ship captain, saying that he wouldn't want arms on board one of his ships as it will encourage pirates to be more heavily armed...same wet, british arguement as pernot arming cops!!!! spare me!!!
  6. Don't bother with the ships - brass up the pirates' bases. TLAM, bit of carrier strike plus some SF to mop up. Job done!
  7. let's face it the Pirates are dead men walking, oh dear, how sad.

    The Saudis will have a contact out on them so fast...I think they’ll go for the pay-up, smile, get the ship and crew back then wipe the whole place out option. Sends a message doncha know?

    If only we had a navy…..
  8. More heavily armed than they already are? :roll:

    Bet he's never been hijacked!
  9. the irony was, he had been!!!

    I heard the Saudis are hiring the good Baron to sort this mess out!!
  10. OK - Try this one for size: "The cost of Petrol has risen by one penny - Official"

    That VLCC was carrying a shed load of crude and the Price of a barrel is hovering at c. USD 50.00... Ooh! Spectre of interruption to supply and hey presto, up she goes again!

    Anyway: Pay the ransom, get it back - wouldn't fancy a fire fight on the ship. Get that Ukrainian tub out with the MBTs and THEN in we go. The Yanks should have enough embarked Marines in the region. Rock up with a Wasp-class Assault ship, 1,800 odd Marines, helo and VSTOL support, hit the beaches in the hovercraft and take, sink or burn anything and anyone in Eyl. Bit of a no brainer really as the stakes are too high to let it go on. Cannot have the trade routes interfered with in a recession when we need the quickest and most direct routes to and from ports. Also why is it the "Usual Suspects" doing all the graft? RN, USN, Marine Nationale, Deutsche Marine etc. The Saudis have some of those French LaFayette type frigates (GPMG, 20mm cannon, 100mm Main Armament and helo) and a few of our ex-Sandown class MCMV - It's THEIR oil, go and protect it. However - anyone on here know the rules for "salvage" etc on the high seas? If we grab the ship and the crude do we keep it?
  11. The funniest thing is that the newly joined Kriegsmarine warship in the TF has ROE that will not allow anti-piracy ops. Unrestricted U-Boat warfare - yes, anti-piracy - no.

    How times change...................
  12. Don't panic!!

    We have no more ships to send in support; instead we have done that very British thing; appointed an Admiral!!

    "And the European Union is about to launch its first naval action. It has approved Operation Atalanta, in which about eight ships will add their weight to the international effort.
    It is under the control of Commodore Antonius Papaioannou of Greece and Rear Adm Philip Jones of the UK, whose command will be based at Northwood, outside London"

    So now we can all sleep soundly in our beds; thanks Mr Brown!!
  13. None of the above.

    Saudi's cough up. But USA/Coalition throws a smoke screen and says that it was a negotiated release. The Pirates, and there extended families, are then flown Club Class to Heathrow where they then spend 2 years living in a 5* Hotel whilst suitable accommodation is found.
    A Brussels Lawyer then finds a small EU Law that dictates that as they have been in limbo for 24 months, that each must be given UK passports and a compensation payment of £1 million each....!
  14. Since the USN were escorting the Sirius Star I would expect the US to be sorely embarrassed. No doubt they will wish to make amends and return the ship to her rightful, and rich, owners. I would guess that Delta Force or the US Navy Seals are already preparing their devastating response. I do hope they're also preparing the environmental impact statement when all that oil goes up.
  15. We need a few of those ships due for decomissioning. Place a load of explosives in them. in a sealed compartment. Skinnies hijack ship, SBS abandon ship and are picked up by sub. Skinnies take ship to port and party on.Raffle is held as to who gets to press the button and skinnies spread over wide area.