Sirerra Leone Revolutionary United Front

Sirerra Leone Revolutionary United Front


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Sirerra Leone Revolutionary United Front - Blood Diamonds, Child Soldiers and Cannibalism 1991-2001

The civil war in Sierra Leone (1991 to 2002) is one of the saddest in Africa. Sierra Leone has diamonds and other minerals, so it should not be poor. Neither South Africa nor Botswana – equally laden with mineral wealth – are. Instead it all went a bit wrong, in the African way until the then military attached, one David Richards, rather stretched his brief and sorted it. I felt that I could do with a tad more detail, so when this book came up for review I seized the moment.

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Not read it but your review captures his writing style. I bought War Dogs a few years back on got bored of reading the same story across three or four chapters.

Shame really because he's been there and done it and potentially has unique insights to conflicts in Africa that aren't well covered by other authors.

I'll take your advice and give this one a wider berth.

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