Sir_Dae, on bail??

For fear of starting another huge arguement. I was just wondering, isn't the above mentioned Gentlman due to report back to the Fuzz soon? Or am I totally wrong? I was just reading through old threads and I think it may be today (the 5th). Anyway, just curious, if I'm wrong please don't shout at me, it drowns out the voices. :twisted:
He's excused reporting back because he's on an SAS infil - search and destroy - recon mission. (but we dont need to know this) :twisted:
BeastAppreciationSociety. said:
without going back and reading all of his posts , what did he do? I did a search and found an apology to do with fire arms offences,is this related?
That's generally it. His first thread with all the details was pulled so you won't find it. Aside from saying some things that would have been best left not said, he also insulted several people it would seem to have been rather foolish to insult.

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