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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by snapper, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Is this true? Capt Shoots Range Safety Supervisor 8O

    Ok ok... its in the 'scum' but please dont tell me is true ....

    How stupid can you get, going on the piss till 5 am, gettin rat-arsed, 2 hours gonk then going on the range.... hope the lads used the twat as a falling plate target after :evil:
  2. Was he Scottish?
  3. Not if he was an officer in a Scottish Regiment he wasn't :wink:
  4. Thats 24 hour drinking for you!
  5. Looks like a genuine mistake ... when they're sober and trying to drop you that's the time to really worry about it ...

    ... bad news for the Bn boxing team if he couldn't stand up after the first round ... ouch ??!!!
  6. Thats what buggered the young gentleman up, he should have carried on the p!ss and who the f*ck let an officer have a machine gun for gawds sake, a Webley and a cane thats what gentlmen have, his batman needs to be put on a fizzer for this.

  7. Does anyone really speak in this ridiculous tabloid stylee? Or is it more likely that 'an insider' = The Scum's sensationalised version - to make it more 'accessible' for their brain-dead readers.
  8. Can anyone tell me what the fcuk this bit has to do with the rest of the story?!?

    "Earlier this week, The Sun told how a 22-year-old Sandhurst officer cadet was burned on the forehead when a boozy game of “fireball hockey” went wrong in Norfolk."

  9. That'll be The Scum 'supporting our boys'.
  10. Have things changed that much since my time, do you actualy load and make ready before reaching the firing point these days?
  11. That's his career gone for a burton then.

    Or maybe a desk in whitehall beckons.
  12. Not normally - but if you have been investing in the bar profits until 0500 ............... !!??
  13. Don't believe everything that you read.
  14. It doesn't really say much about what sort of range the guy was on.
  15. Hythe & Lydd, which has all sorts of ranges on it if I remember correctly.

    Doesn't really matter, does it? He slotted the instructor in the leg, doesn't matter if it was a 500m range or a CQB effort.

    Thank fcuk it looks like a flesh wound. Get well soon, mate.