Sir Tristram | A car boat sails in aid of Help for Heroes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brubaker19, Oct 8, 2009.

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  2. anyone think of how else we could publicise this - is there another appropriate forum?

    any help appreciated.

  3. anyone got any good ideas for forums [other than arse] that will accept this type of fundraising idea? bloody posts keep getting deleted from car forums:)
  4. Have you thought of contacting Top Gear?
  5. awesome stuff! I want it on DVD!

    when are you doing the Irish Sea crossing?
  6. Top Gear would be well up for this. They are all for H4H and the Forces.
  7. Cheers guys,

    Firstly Top Gear can't because of conflict of interest, JC is a HFH patron and therefore them buying the footage [or even using it] the beeb says is not on - I have pitched it to them.

    therealbigdizzle - for a donation of a tenner on HFH you can have the whole DVD!! - just leave your address or BFPO and I'll get it out to you!

    The Irish Sea crossing is provisionally on the 30th October - the justgiving address gives a few more details although the date is now wrong. We're hoping that the Guinness Book of Records gives us the go ahead for the world record attempt - of course we'll do it anyway but that's where the national PR is - fingers crossed. It's all publicity and for those of you serving at the moment [I'm ex UDR/Royal Irish myself] you deserve it all...

    Father famine if you could post a link on that site and the details I really appreciate it:)


  8. would love to come up and support but unfortunately it's too far for me! I don't drive and public transport would cost me too much! but good luck all the same!

    we should probably start making space in one of the Army museums for the vehicles. Some lads already took a furry fire engine to Mongolia, your laguna would get a well earned place and next year we're taking an old ex-Royal Signals defender to Australia... by road and ferry only! Im sure there's plenty more cutting about!
  9. Have you tried contacting the Royal Marines - parrticularly ATTURM at Instow or the landing craft folks from Poole, real experts of making things waterproof?
  10. Good luck mate, and if you have any spare cash then dont forget SSAFA - Forces Help or The Royal British Legion who do the Casework for Serving and Ex Servicemen and women,and their families, in need and the three main Service Charities RNBT/ABF/RAFBF who make the Grants - they have all suffered a decline of approx 20% in donations (income) since H4H became a charity.
  11. It's kinda waterproof - we're adding a couple more batteries to run the bilge pump and filling a few more holes- I get the feeling the Marines would just laugh at me:)
  12. I think you will find that the guys at ATTURM in Instow will fall over themselves to help. I did a waterproofing course there back in the really, really, old days when it was FTB, there are some tricks and tips you wont even have thought of, which will make your trip much easier. Give them a go, cant do any worse, of course they will take the p*ss, but who cares, they are only booties.
  13. Thought of a different angle JCM - I know a RM Major in Belfast who is in charge of recuitment of a PT company in NI - I'll give him a ring and see if he wants to come out with us - it's free PR and he may have a few suggestions...thanks for the advice - appreciate it.

  14. The RM suggested putting on removable panels that we can slot on the slide that would give us another 9" on water clearance for those big waves - good idea 8)

    Working on it - please stick this on your facebook boys - more publicity means more more already got over £100 in last 5 days from people we don't even know :D