Sir Trevors Manning joke sparks complaints

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jun 26, 2007.

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    This is a cracker:-

    Irony isnt lost on these barstewards is it?

  2. cracking man mcdonald, always reminded me of a pint of guisness though
  3. Where's the "HAHAHAHA" smiley?

    Sir Trevor McDonald has made a far greater contribution to British society than that fat bigoted thick git ever did.

    Objection Overruled!
  4. I am not defending Bernard Manning but in what way did McDonald make a far greater contribution to British society than Manning?

    Manning was a comedian that told jokes for a living. Besides this he worked in a greengrocers, a tobacco factory, and did his National Service.

    McDonald is a newsreader for a living, who also acts as Chancellor of London South Bank University, and has ties with King's College School.

    So they both earned a living in the media. One did NS, the other did not, and one has some connection with education, and the other has not.

    Which brings me back to the question In what way did McDonald make a far greater contribution to British society than Manning?"
  5. Jim Bowen, a comedian??

    now that's funny!
  6. I can't understand the popularity of Sir T; if someone could enlighten me I'd be grateful. On "the Tonight program with Trevor McDonald" he appears for about a minute each episode. :? :? :?
  7. Fine fine, he made a "much" greater contribution, not a "far" greater one.
  8. An excellent journalist. On your point about The Tonight Program he is the one who writes it, and interviews people. He is the investigator if you like.

    And he broke into mainstream news tv at a time when Blacks were having an even more difficult time in our society. He is emblematic of the struggle Blacks have had in this country and of the success they can achieve with hard work and determination.

    A champion.
  9. Both became good at what they did, that is entertaining the public to make money. If this is your definition of a 'contribution to society' then it is one far removed from the accepted concept.
  10. Cheers for that.
  11. Fine, since you're so clearly determined to defend this bloke, and to me it seems you are, I'm not going to get into an argument over it. They both "entertained the public to make money".
  12. Well I thought it was hilarious, people want to get a sense of humour I am sure Bernard Manning would find it funny too!
  13. Not a BM fan, but I bet he his laughing in his shroud at that one.

    Manning said many times he just said what he thought was funny. Well that was funny. Not very pc, but funny.

    Sadly the CRE have said nothing about this. If Manning had said something similar about Sir Trevor, those humourless racists would soon have been on the case.
  14. Now lets see, who would I rather go on the p*ss with, Bernard Manning an ex squaddie and all round funny guy who tells racist jokes or trevor mcdonald a civvie tw@t who isn't funny and tells racist jokes ?
  15. What is it you dont like the fact he is a civvie or the fact he isnt funny?
    News readers are not meant to be funny! I personaly think he was very entertaining
    And besides can you imagine waiting for your food at the end of the night whilst Bernard orders his Kebabs.