Sir Trevor, Racist Comic or Fat Black Bastard?

What is Sir Trevor?

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Makes me seeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I'm a fat white b*stard and I think trevor is a fat black b*stard who is as funny as a bucket of sick.
Davidson's actions could hardly be construed as satire. Sir Trev's (not very funny) comments were satirical because he himself made a racist comment as a parody of a comedian percieved by many to be racist. The comment itself is also 'humourous' as an indirect reference to 'white' not being percieved as racist in the same way as 'black'.

Davidson's comments weren't made as satire, but as an out and out insult.

I do agree, however, that referring to someone as a black b@stard even satirically would involve one being hauled over the coals and it is all too easy to apply double standards.
Comon sense has prevailed. I believe it was meant as a parody, exactly as the article suggests. And whats wrong with telling the truth - he was a fat, white bastard :)
Deceased comedian Bernard Manning was today exonerated as a history of jokes and comments previously regarded as racist were revealed to be part of an elaborate parody of a right wing buffoon.

In a clearly coordinated move the clearance from Ofcom came just a matter of hours before news was released that he had been awarded a Posthumous Knighthood. Sources at the Palace say that the decision "had come right from the top" with Prince Philip himself a key backer in the move.

Manning, who died in June this year, had a controversial career as a stand up comic and until recent evidence came to light was widely regarded as the most infamous and racist comic of his generation. Forthcoming extracts from his autobiography and witness testimony from key members of the Black and Asian communities have highlighted his extrordianry double life as a closet campaigner on issues such as social inclusion and community relations.

In a forward to Manning's Autobiography his great friend and well known black poet Benjamin Zephaniah outlined the crux of Manning's work. "His position as a key hate figure in the UK during the 70s and 80s was a crucial role. He was held up as an example racist, someone that quite simply everyone would despise and would not want to be like. In reality he was a genuinely nice bloke who didn't mind what colour you were as long as you weren't French."

In other news Trevor McDonald was today stricken of his Knighthood after being found guilty of racism by Ofcom for his shameless description of Sir Bernard as a "a fat white bastard".

The only place to find the truth of it :

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