Sir Tommy McPherson RIP


His war autobiography "Behind Enemy Lines" is a quite extraordinary story.

He seems to have led a charmed life, in and out of uniform. You have to marvel that some people seem to achieve so much, do so much, survive so much - and live to really ripe old age.
And yet there are political forces in GB which try to claim that we, as a United Kingdom, have no shared past or links that bond us together. How short people's memories can be.


When in Jersey recently an elderly gentleman standing alongside me as we looked at some pretty sophisticated equipment (for its time) of the German defences during the Occupation commented - seemingly thinking aloud "How did we ever beat them?"

The answer might be "Because we had people of the calibre of Thomas McPherson".

In a later conversation I discovered the elderly gentleman was a veteran of D Day.
Sorry to hear this, although it was known that he had been ill. Sir Tommy had been wheelchair bound for some years but remained active until very recently, attending regimental events and the like. Same capbadge as Fitzroy Maclean, as it happens.
I knew Sir Fitroy Maclean, not well, but he was the patron of a charity I ran in the 80's. I knew his signals officer Hilary King much better and spent time with Hilary and his wife Margaret visiting some of the islands he and Sir Fitzroy had operated from on the Yugoslav (now Croatian) coast with Tito's partisans at the end of WW2, Their breed and the likes of Sir Tommy are rare folk upon this earth and they leave a huge void to fill, in terms of a life well lived. Most of us mere mortals would do well to achieve just one percent of their achievements in our lifetime.
Funeral in the Highlands on Friday. Details have been advertised in the Telegraph. Anyone wishing info please PM.
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Lucky enough to have known such a fine and modest man, sadly only after his stroke a few years ago.
There will be a memorial service at some point in St Columba's Church of Scotland, Pont Street, Knightsbridge (where Fraser McLuskey MC was once the Minister).

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