Sir Sterling being a bit un PC

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. He is as entitled to his opinion as the next man.
    As far as I am aware the last government failed in its atempt to dictate what we should all think
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  2. Never mind his homophobia........


    .....the man is obviously a dangerous racist trouble maker........" I love you, how I love you........!"
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  3. From the article;

    "Stonewall's Ben Summerskill said: ‘Rugby players like Gareth Thomas, boxers like Orlando Cruz, and any of the brave gay people currently serving their country in Afghanistan might be a little better qualified to comment on masculinity than the accomplished car driver Sir Stirling Moss.’

    My bold.One pace forward that wo/man!
  4. Perhaps Ben Summerskill should be sat in a 1960's race car and forced to drive the '4 wheeled fuel tank on skinny tyres' around dangerous tracks with no run off. Then he can question Sir Stirlings masculinity. ******* gobshite.

    Grand Prix: The Killer Years - YouTube
    The full version of this vid is pretty sobering, an eye opening and shocking film.
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  5. If only that archetype of rugged manliness, Rock Hudson, was still alive.
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  6. True, not many of the old Grand Prix drivers got to be pensioners. Scary days.
  7. Oh I was looking forward to"Stirling the Early Years" starring Julian Clary.........
  8. .
    He's right though. Can hardly see Dale Winton taking up the role. And that's not a euphemism.
  9. Why did racing drivers have to wear cam cream?


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  10. Found this pic in the news article. Is the lady Ronald MacDonald's sister?


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  11. Not sure, but she's given old Sterling the horn.
  12. if she's anything like vanessa del rio (the chicks look similar) she certainly is!
  13. Funny how all the slebs and PC commentators aren't lining up to celebrate his diversity.
  14. Top flid grid here Stirling......


    ......she only wanted to kiss your shiny helmet!
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