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Sir Spamalot


Book Reviewer
getting fed up of receiving these:

Good day to you,

I have a profiling amount of 56 Million United States Dollars secured in an
offshore private bank. I am seeking your assistance in securing these funds
into a safe account for future investment purposes but requiring maximum
confidentiality. This is bourne out of the fact that I am still in active
service in the Ministry here in Scotland-UK.

Upon your positive response to my proposal, I will provide you with the
following information:

* How I will introduce you/yourcompany to the holding bank and make you the
beneficiary of the money.

* Who I am and why I have decided to sought for your assistance.

* What percentage of the money I am willing to give you for your assistance.

Kindly respond with your private phone and fax numbers for easier and faster

Mr.Steve Walters
This is a really old scam, usually originating from a kindly and benevolent Nigerian bank official rather than " Scotland-UK land".
This particularly fraud is known to students of criminology/Beano readers as 'The Spanish Letter' I believe.

Anybody want to wind this tw4t up to while away an idle hour please feel free. His email address is alleged to be:


I'd like to send him a fake Call-Up notification for service in Iran (Op MULLAH 'EM ) by return, but I don't have an ecopy....

Lee Shaver

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