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Sir Sean Connery dies


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I hope they found him slumped over several ladies, having consumed too many martinis.
Best Fillum ?

The Offence where he played a Detective who gradually beats a paedophile suspect to death during questioning.

Great photo - the world is ours !

( HMS Excellent - was that part of the Whale Island setup ? )
Yes. Whale Island was Excellent, RN Gunnery School.
I recall seeing a notice on the NAAFI wall banning persons of the same sex from dancing with each other.
Funny what you remember.

IIRC the original Excellent was a Nelsonian era ship of the line. and was the floating gunnery training ship. The name transferred to the shore establishment on Whale Island, which was artificial, formed from the dredgings of the harbour, much of the labour being provided by French PoWs.

I may be talking rowlocks, but the bit about the NAAFI notice is jonnick.
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Sir Sean dead? Hats off!


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