Sir Rolys Mid life improvement-Get well (or other) messages

Discussion in 'RLC' started by fatblerk, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. For those that are not aware, Sir Roly Birkin QC has recently been admitted to a hospital for the second phase of his mid life enhancement: that is, his second hip replacement. 8O

    He has some bizarre idea that he should be back working in a bomb suit by mid March. As the results from the past RLC cse were at the usual rate we may need him, but I thought that the boy could do with some messages of good will etc over the festive period from fellow ARRSErs (though he is expected out before Xmas day).

    Be as complimentary (or not) as you like, he'll not be offended, but do try to use big words - he likes them :lol:

    (Before those of you that know him start - No there has been no fema lengthening nor third leg enhancement, nor even head repair (neither mental nor folicle)

    Go on: Cheer the D Warf up :wink:
  2. Yep, I'm up for some festive abuse.


    Ask for a Segway for Christmas - you've got the hip so strike that one off the list. The only way you'll be in a bomb suit for March is if your sad enough to have your own at home. Merry Christmas, I'd say get well soon, but there's bound to be another mid-life enhancement. Take it easy and break yourself back in slowly. 8O
  3. exitus acta probat!
  4. Itane? Tua mater!
  5. Illud Latine dici non potest!
  6. So how is Sir Roly? All this latin suggests he has expired!
  7. He was OK on Tues at 8pm, talking gibberish about ancient guided weapons systems - well on the road!
  8. My only advice is that whilst whiling the hours away in your convalesence don't be tempted to pull at that little loose bit of gold wire on your beret badge. I did. 'Jesus wept' I was left holding a metre long bit of wire before common sense licked back in with a thud and I stopped pulling; leaving a very plain looking badge below the sapper-esque wreathy bit. If only the missus had bought me an iPod then I may not have been so bored!
  9. Well, I wouod like to thank all my well-wishers, except that there haven't been any. Fcukers. Rest assured I am out and about, in rude health and circumperambulating the locale like the proverbial bipenile canine.
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Happy walking you old wrinkly git.

    Let's hope that Santa did indeed have a bulging sack for you.
  11. Merry Christmass you diminutive nebbish. Stop cease and desist from this day forward, being a shmuck.

    You are beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I can say this without fear of contradiction, a putz.

    Have a nice christmass diminutive one.
  12. Re. the Army/Navy Game - take her with you!
  13. Sir Rowley,

    How's Pigsick going? If a festive one was published before Christmas, can you send us a copy on my work email account please?

    If one's not been done, then what better opportunity then now, whilst on your sick bed to while away the hours producing it!

    Hope you had as good a Christmas as could be expected, see you 'round.

  14. Ah Roly!!! Long time no see my stunted nay miniscule mate! Hope the MLI went well. Its all i can do not to lie awake at night wondering how the new (and improved.... hopefully) Roly will forge ahead with his plan for World Dominance!!! Will Roly II continue his campaign against the hated foe... the Wedge, or will a softer more amiable Roly let bygones be bygones and embrace our Red-winged compatriots as allies or even..friends???!!!
    Nah...... testicles He'll still hate cnuts like the rest of us!!!!!
    All the best fella!!!