Sir Richard Dearlove - what's the verdict?

I see our alleged traitorous little fibber has gone quiet.

Perhaps we should cast the net wider? We need lines to take. He's either hooked [had that - Ed] or on the fly, or perhaps split like bamboo. He's not very Hardie. [enough - Ed].
I was privileged to have a 15-minutes-or-so conversation with Sir Richard when he was 'C', shortly before I left the Army. His high intelligence was a given, but he also struck me as being modest, reasonable, sensible, open to argument and decidedly not a warmonger. I have no more knowledge than the next man of the murky machinations surrounding the 'dodgy dossier', but I'd be strongly inclined to put the blame firmly upon the shoulders of Messrs Blair and Campbell, who seem to have wantonly ignored important SIS caveats in their eagerness to suck up to Mr Bush.
There can be little doubt Sir Richard would be used as a scapegoat for a war Blair wanted to get Britain involved in at any cost to the nation and benefit to his bank account.

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