Sir Richard Dannatt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. If only I was not such a t*sser, I would have posted this twelve hours ago:


    The 'grunts', of which you were one, and the 'supporters' are grateful for your efforts over some years.

    Four Stars and not forgotten that the Army is the private soldier!

    Top man!!! You will not be forgotten.
  2. A very happy birthday to you.

    Deserves an extra star as a birthday present.
  3. I will raise a large glass containing Abbott Ale in your honour this evening. Happy birthday, Sir
  4. Happy Birthday Sir
  5. A gentleman and a Howard.
  6. Happy Birthday Sir hope your xmas wishes come home to roost
  7. Late in the day - Many happy returns _ always horrible being born so close to 25 dec (only one set of presents!!)
  8. Happy Birthday Boss :)
  9. One officer I'm happy to mean Happy Birthday to...well done Sir.
  10. How i wish we had such a "Leader" on the blue side... No worries, Our "Chief" Is Jock Stirrup, and the infamous ACM Glen Torpy, what leaders of men they have become.
  11. Jesus had the same problem.

    Happy Birthday !
  12. Oh and of course, Happy Birthday Sir Richard..
  13. Many happy returns, hope you have a very good New Year Sir.
  14. Just squeeze it in in UK time.

    Many Happy Returns Sir.
  15. Indeed- and from another on the blue side, a scandal and a damned shame the Dear Leader and his cronies blocked one of the right man from taking over as CDS merely for showing the spine and honesty that's been desperately lacking. Happy Birthday, Sir.