Sir Rannulph Fiennes - Will he ever quit?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. In answer to your question when he is cold, and not because of ambient temperatures
  2. I met Sir Ranulph recently & top bloke indeed.

    On Auntie's Breakfast this morning his other desires is to swim the English Channel at some point, that'll be after the 14 month total duration of this Expedition..
  3. Yup mad as a box of frogs
  4. I'm sorry I just don't buy into this tool or his 'adventures'.
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  5. His tool of choice is a hacksaw, apparently.
  6. There is a man that has never grown out of "look at me mother, no hands".
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  7. 14 months is a long time to take out of your life especially In his twlight years.
  8. Hopefully not: inspirational
  9. Well when you've got an ego the size of his on your back it'll never let you go.

    I feel sorry for him, to be honest.
  10. Extreme caravanning, what's nails about that?
  11. I've always been vaguely hoping that he would one day be devoured by a polar bear. He's cruelly cheated me of this comforting thought by going to the Antarctic rather than the Arctic, so I will instead live in hope that he is pecked to death by penguins.
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  12. Beats sitting in a chair waiting to die, fair play to him!
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  13. Whichever one you choose he always seemed to be one of the over privileged who used his connections for the most selfish means. Typical of the Boys Own era of adventurers who did things because they can and indulged themselves with no particular benefit to others.
    There are still a lot of people out there who are and will remain very pissed off by "The Feathermen" and the fall out from it.
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  14. Fair play to the man! What have you done with your lives lately? ;p