Sir Patrick Moore Dead aged 89

Sad news indeed. Great man and a giant of broadcasting. Sky at night was rather brilliant. RIP


War Hero
Just set me thinking, I'm sure he visited our school back in the 70's and gave a talk on the US space program.

Funny how someones passing wakes up such latent memories!
RIP starry eyed ol' bloke.
cheers for the sky at night, would be in the dark without that......

Sad news indeed. I was watching some of todays astronomer tv personalities the other day, and they just didn't have the enthusiasm that he did.
Gone to a new astral plain with the highest level of enthusiasm no doubt!

RIP ... To a great (and one of the very few) British legends of our time. :salut:
I once saw him speak in public... After the introduction he appeared in a double breasted suit that looked a bit like a tent, leaned with his elbow on the front of the bench and then ,without notes, kept us all truly enthralled for an hour. He finished his lecture exactly on time as well... A real master who will be sadly missed.
Another great Brit gone!

Let's not forget although a RAF bloke during war, an avid gazer at the stars with a passion that drew others in the subject h e was also

Games Master.
Met him years ago when I was asked by the local amatuer astronomy club to repair a telescope he'd donated to them.
Mad as a box of frogs but a real classic and fascinating British eccentric. The world will be a little deminished with his passing.

You'll always have clear skys now Sir Patrick.

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