Sir Norman Wisdom - Ex 10th Hussar.......

Discussion in 'RAC' started by BergenBob, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. .... says it all really :D
  2. Now we know the REAL story behind the Cherry Red Trousers/Brown Berret! could only be a joke! :twisted:
  3. All very good except - Norman Wisdom was a 4th Hussar. He was a clarinet player in the band.
  4. Well, he may have been for some time, I have no knowldge of this, however, he was on South Today with Prince Mick of Kent at the opening of the KRH museum in Winchester, stating he owed it all to 10H. So, who is right, South Today and the man himself, your souce or both?

    Answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address pleas.
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  5. He was interviewed on R4 a few days ago and was full of praise for the Army as a life for a young man.

    Didn't catch the unit he said he was with though. All cavaliers look alike to me though ......
  6. It was when I was at RD that I found out he was with the 4th. They had pictures of him in the band. I have a book in my possesion (somewhere) which also has him in 4H uniform.

    I think I'd have to accept that he may have joined up to the 10th though. You do get postings in the band too.
  8. I'd totally forgotten about this.

    Am I losing my passion? :(
  9. Norm's always been my hero. A comedian and a gent. I grew up watching his capers and whenever his films on TV I just have to watch. I read his autobiography a couple of years ago. What an amazing life. He turned 93 recently. Sorry, unless I find his book I cant remember and help you with your riddle....
  10. A couple of years ago HM visited the Isle of Man. Norman was there to show his respect. As a very elderly person he was somewhat confused and began making something of a nuisence of himself.
    HM's minders where attemping to get him out of the when HM intervend and said words to effect of
    " Oh its quite alright, he's an old friend of ours"
    a tribute to two people.
  11. Nice way to introduce yourself.
  12. Hey, doomy! If you're a Norman Wisdom fan, like me, get thee to the former Eastern Bloc countries (Hungary, Romania etc). The man's an absolute legend there!

    You can get all his films on (illegal) DVDs. The only problem is that they're then all dubbed in the corresponding language, but you can switch to English with most of them.

    However, their dubbing methods are a laugh in themselves: they have one person (usually a man) doing all the voices, male and female, while the actors can be heard mumbling indistinctly in the background. Magic stuff!

  13. I was always under the impression Sir Norman enlisted in the 10th Hussars - he was also the Army in India's flyweight boxing champion. Served in the Royal Signals during WW2 though always a Cavalryman at heart. He also wrote the lyrics for the very popular WW2 song "There'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover."

    Rest in peace Sir Norman.
  14. Seriously?