Sir Michael Rose - another armchair speaks out.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Priam, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. Has anybody got the full text from the Independent on Sunday?

    My question to Arrsers is, what will it take for this Govt to sit up and take notice?
  2. A former British Army commander has accused Tony Blair of putting soldiers at "considerable and quite unnecessary risk" with cuts in defence spending. General Sir Michael Rose told the Independent on Sunday that despite statements to the contrary troops were not getting the support they should.

    Another of the retired Wiltshire Warriors who did not say a lot when he was in a position to do so ? Ok, we all know what he was once but, as far as I'm concerned all this spouting from behind his massive pension means nothing............
  3. Unless a sustained assault on this government from such people keeps defence in the headlines long enough for people to start taking note.
  4. What were things like when he was in a position to speak out? When did he retire?

    The BBC mentioned he's ex-UN Bosnia chief - in which case he could pre-date blair.

    Does sound like he's been pretty active from his armchair!!
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  6. And all of this criticism is entirely random. There's no organisation and not an ounce of strategy. The result will be to increase a few book sales, add a few media appearances and that's about it.

    One might have thought that some of these retired brass-hats would have seen the sense in a collective campaign. Or maybe what we're witnessing is a collective campaign of former chiefs - in which case it's very unlikely to succeed.

    If these gentlemen are at all serious about their expressed views they should be (should have been) talking to each other and putting together a proper plan for action. After all, now that they've retired, they probably have a fair amount of time on their hands...

    Carrying on in this apparently haphazard manner only serves to benefit them as individuals.
  7. "Such people" are ignored by almost all because they are yesterdays men.

    No matter whom or what they were - and yes I know Mike Roses' military cv- they are either out of the loop or 5 minutes ago.

    They may talk sense but it is coloured by the past that still clings to them.

    What is needed is more current serving Senior personel to start shouting,
    "That won't work!" and then following through.
  8. Deleted post due to factual errors.
  9. But it's the steady drip-drip-drip of newspaper articles, television appearances, etc, that keeps the issue to the forefront of peoples minds.

    An article every week stops the issue fading into obscurity.

    This is one of the things that keep the NHS issues alive and well - daily political exposure.
  10. Is it a coincidence that all these retired Ex soldiers are all coming out one after another. Didn't Rose retire rather than do something he didn't agree with?
    Loyalty up and down is the one common statement throughout my time in, why would they speak out while still in when that is the code drilled into us.
  11. Would it make a difference if they joined together?
  12. Unsworth,
    very, very, true of you to say that.
    That was what was wrong with the civvy anti war movement.
    Loads of people saw the enormous error of it all but had no identifiable way to organise as an effective power block to stop it.

    Its frightening!
  13. The drips don't seem to do a lot though, what we need is a bloody big tsunami of retired Generals and the like to give this government a waterfall !
  14. Yeah eyeyuk - they could do the conga through the corridors of parliament.

    (erh - sorry about that)