Sir Michael Caine

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Just viewed Sir Michael Caine article on sky news.
    This man mentions briefly this pish poor Government, taxes and the direction our country is heading. This follows Sting patronizing performance on The Andrew Marr show. If ARRSE decides we require a Colonel-in-Chief he would get my nomination. Sorry Clarkson.
  2. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    He may be a luvvie now, but he also served as a Royal Fusilier and saw action against the Chinese 'human wave' in Korea. When it comes to war films, he knows whereof he thespianizes.
  3. Now that's not a bad idea at all! I wonder if we could get some sort of consensus on whether Sir Michael Caine should be the honorary "Colonel-in-Chief of ARRSE". He's got all the right qualifications:

    He was a Bridsh Armee squaddie who actually experienced combat;
    He's a "normal" geezer, no side or cant to him;
    He genuinely cares about folks;
    He's starred in so many war films and was always totally convincing.

    Maybe we should ask him what he thinks about having such an "'onna" bestowed upon him. Perhaps the COs could put a tentative foot in the water there.

    Just a thought.

  4. And he been filmed in drag. What more do we need.
  5. He get's my vote!!
  6. lovely jubly i for one would salute him in the street
  7. He saw them Zulus off - no danger!
  8. And Mine

    So Sir Michael Is Colonel in Chief (ARRSE)

    Can we have Clarkson as Honoury Colonel?
  9. Sir Michael for Colonel in Chief of ARRSE? Where do I put my X? 8) :D

    Clarkson as 2iC has it's merits, but I fear he will be too busy as the first ARRSE PM following the glorious Revolution... :twisted:
  10. Joanne Lumley as Assistant Adjutant?? :D
  11. And he kicks the arse of killer bees.

  12. Tentative foot in the water,Or we could just blow his bloody doors off.
  13. My favourite has to be of him playing Bromhead... 8)

    If anyone can contact him, maybe the offer of an ARRSE Challenge Coin can tempt him in :lol:

    "In wrecking the stores in my wagon, the Zulus had brought to light a forgotten bottle of beer, and Bromhead and I drank it with mutual congratulations on having come safely out of so much danger."

    Lt John Rouse Merriott Chard VC (Royal Engineers)
  14. Maybe he'd be well up for it, ! and he gets my vote.