Sir Menzies: Mr Brown was "ignoring the reality" in Iraq

Whom do you support about Iraq now?

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Sir Menzies said Mr Brown was "ignoring the reality" in Iraq and should accept that UK efforts there had failed.

Speaking on BBC News 24, he said: "What are we achieving politically for Iraq and what are we achieving militarily for ourselves?

"There are no legitimate or coherent answers to those questions."
However, mr.Brown (apparently instructed from Washington) disagrees.

Mr Brown said he was determined that the UK's approach to Iraq would be based on fulfilling obligations to the Iraqi government, and to the United Nations.
Note that mr.Brown supports namely Iraqi government (not people). As for the UN then as I'm aware the United Nations didn't ask mr.Brown to help in Iraq.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that UK troops had "very clear objectives, that Iraq should be run by the Iraqis".
How happy are the British! You have young, active, learned Foreign Secretary. I suspect that he even knows that 2+2=4. Though as for Iraq then he tries to prove that 2+2=5.

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