Sir Lewis Hamilton??

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by afghanman, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. Without wanting to get ahead or ourselves or tempting fate it looks increasingly likely that Lewis Hamilton will consolidate his position at the top of the F1 leader board and has put himself in a good place to lift the 2008 F1 Crown.

    This achievement, if realised, will without doubt put him in line for a top Honour in the New Year.

    The queston is, what should the award be, and should it be awarded this year or should it be held back to see if he continues to excel in his chosen career path?
  2. My god! He gets paid enough. Why should he be awarded an honour when so young? That should be reserved for people who have had a whole career to prove themselves, not just winning a single championship.
  3. OBE would look a bit mean, so they would probably wait and make it a CBE. A long career and good works before a knighthood.

    [MInd you , the whole system is so discredited (people getting awards for reading the news or civil servants given awards for doing their job) that anyone with any integrity would tell them to stick it; IMHO].
  4. Without wanting to take anything away from Hamilton, he loses focus pretty quickly. I know he wins races and does a good job at that but in pre-race interviews he never gives any credit to the other drivers and never acknowledges their part in him winning. "It's all about me" is his style - so I don't think he deserves an award - YET.
  5. I disagree! Why should he talk about other drivers, they are the enemy.

    Also Hamilton seems to do a very good job thanking those who have helped, most notably his pit crew and team, he mentions them in every post race chat I have seen.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Why a "top" honour? He is a good driver (ok vv good driver). He is black and there is hysteria about his godliness.

    FFS keep a grasp of reality. If he wins, then look at other sports and see what a world champion gets. Richard Burns got nothing for coming runner up twice before winning the WRC. A harder and more open competition? I think so.

    McRae got an MBE the year after he won the WRC.

    Damon Hill won one championship and by the end of his career, he made OBE

    IF Hamilton wins this year, then all fair and square, I'll say MBE (fcuk it if the English Rugby team can win one..).

    But a knighthood. Long way to go to meet the status of Jackie Stewart or Stirling Moss, I say.
  7. The whole sytem of gongs should be discontinued except for the Queen's own personal awards and Military awards.
    The rest are discredited.
  8. It all depends on how much money he has given to the Liarbour Party. With his earning potential he could be in the House of Lords faster than he can circuit Monte Carlo.
  9. Agree with plant-pilot. We're only half way through the bloody season and lots can happen. It did last year. :wink:

    I'm a Lewis fan but don't think he should get anything more than sportsman of the year at this stage of the game.

    At what point in his career did Sir Stirling Moss get Knighted? And silimlarly, at what point did Nige Mansell get his gong? I think you'll find it was quite a bit into if not after thier careers.

    A solid 'No' at this stage. If he is still as good in at least 10 years then maybe.
  10. Its difficult to call with 'sports' personalities, as its near impossible to predict future success.

    Throw Dame Ellen MacArthur and Dame Kelly Holmes into the mix? Mind you it took Sir Steve Redgrave five consecutive gold medals at the Olympics to get his Knighthood, but Sir Bobby Moore only one World Cup?

    I reckon CBE at least.
  11. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. An MBE for valuable services to motor racing, to wit; The first British champion we've had in eons will do. Keep winning, we can upgrade the honour.

    I'm not tempting fate, because between Lewis and the title is Max Moseley, and I seriously believe that something could still happen to stop Lewis getting it again. His boss should get an OBE or a knighthood, he's been at it long enough.

    However, I do wonder what an ARMY sticker across his visor would cost?It needn't cost full commercial value at this time, especially in the light of CDS's recent remarks?

  12. Errr, about £1million a race. :wink:

    Ron Dennis is already a CBE. Got it in 2000.
  13. Since he's moved abroad to avoid paying anything to this country in the way of income tax he should get fcuk all.

    Edited to add: The reason I say this is that he is doing the world of F1 a service, new star blah blah etc, and fair play to him.

    But is he actually doing anything for this country??? I don't think so.
  14. Well said smudge, He is doing fuck all for Britain. He goes in circles very very fast. I've been going in circles for years and I most definately not be getting a nice new shiney gong for it!
  15. He's winning. There's a start.

    Flash, I hear that, just wonder if Ron and Lewis would like to do something to show support for the boys and girls? Though McLaren might be more 'charitable' to help 4 heroes?

    Go on Flash, offer Lewis a go in your Lynx, and see what we get in return :D