Sir Keith Park

The Daily Telegraph reports:

A London businessman has launched a campaign for a statue to be errected of Sir Keith Park, AOC, 11 Group (which covered London and the South East) during the Battle of Britian. He wants it to be placed on the empty plinth, currently used for modern art, in Trafalgar Square.

Needless to say Livingstone supports the idea of a statue to him, but not in Trafalgar Square. The same reply came from the 'art elite' comissioned to put the modern art on that plinth. In other words, both say NO to the proposal. Boris is in favour of the idea. (He gets my vote in May).

It is truly fitting that his statue is placed here, under the very skies the lads of RAF Fighter Command, fought for our freedom. It is also correct that the RAF be represented amongst the Generals and Admirals and the fact that Keith Park was a 'Kiwi' and thus represents the Commonwealth contribution.

I am disgusted, but not suprised, of the response from the usual left wing/Liberal establishment that controls so much of our lives and their total disregard for our history and the wishes of Londoners. We are already losing our national identity, being subsumed into an 'Orwellian Euro future' and this refusal to celebrate a great period of our history, when we stood alone against the Nazi tyranny that had already conquered large parts of Europe is disgraceful.

Read the biography of Sir Keith Park, by Vincent Orange and you will see that this recognition is well derserved.
Yes, there is a statue to Sir Hugh Dowding, (Chief of Fighter Command during the early part of WW2) besides The 'RAF' church, St Clement Danes, in the Strand. Alongside Dowding is also the statue of 'Bomber' Harris, the chief of Bomber Command for most of WW2. So we do celebrate both our our air leaders of WW2.


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A statue to a real hero?? Not some multi-cultural "panacea of the struggle of being a wumannn, with her mohair dungarees" Are you quite mad Sir.
engr172 said:
A statue to a real hero?? Not some multi-cultural "panacea of the struggle of being a wumannn, with her mohair dungarees" Are you quite mad Sir.
Or some educationally subnormal chav who gets paid four years' wages a week to kick a bag of wind about?

No, the "great and the good" of today regard the great and the good of yesterday as an embarassment or worse.

They'll put up a statue to him eventually but it'll be eight years late, take five times the projected amount to make and be put up inside a fourth-floor broom cupboard of a building which is probably already scheduled for demolition.
Why should the spare plinth be reserved for a military hero? There's enough statues of them, and Park is hardly as well acknowledged as the majority of others with now gracing London's streets and squares. I'd only ever heard of him vaguely (although my history's weak, true...).

What about the great British figures of literature, engineering, medicine, science? Shakespeare, for starters?

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