Sir John Mills dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. Bye, John.
  2. The last of the great male actors from the glory days of British cinema has gone. .I don't know why, but I felt a very strange sadness on hearing the news.

    Never mind, I'll watch Great expectations tonight.

    Fare the well Sir John , how fitting, that the quintessential Englishman should pass on St. Georges Day.
  3. I remember seeing him in 'Dunkirk'. I think it was an Ealing production, probably one of the best and most accurate films to depict the confusion and heroism of that time.

    RIP, Sir John, you will be sadly missed. :cry:
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    He always seemed to be a fine gentleman and I will always remember him with respect, another unfillable gap in our history. May he go well.

    (As a lighter aside I'm sure Old Adam remembers seeing him at Dunkirk, rather than in "Dunkirk".)
  5. My old man was on the beaches, so I guess you might say that I was there in spirit; merely a twinkle in the old boy's eye! :lol:
  6. RIP Sir john..

    always the consumate actor.. recall his performance with Alec Guinness in Tunes of Glory.. superb..
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Great bloke. Great Films.

    I hope he enjoys his Cold Carsleberg again!
  8. Ice Cold in Alex ..... have not seen it in ages... a classic . RIP, enjoy that cold beer!
  9. One of my favourites as well
  10. I hope he is entered the pearly gates, saw all his old mates and said

    "Hmmmm, worth waiting for"

    RiP John, we will not see your calibre of actor again
  11. What sad news. Sir John played so many servicemen, from the captain in 'Ice Cold in Alex' (excellent film), to an Able Seaman in 'In which We Serve'.

    An outstanding actor, and a real gentleman. He will be missed.
  12. British History performed by one man:-

    Lord Chelmsford, Viceroy of India in "Ghandi"
    Sir Henry Bartle Frere in "Zulu Dawn"
    Lord Kitchener in "Young Winston"
    FM sir Douglas Haigh in "Oh What a Lovely War!"
    Capt Robert Scott in "Scott of the Antarctic"

    and the war/military films (most of them classics) ....

    "In Which we Serve" "We Dive at Dawn" "Waterloo Road" "The Way to the Stars" "Morning Departure" "Coditz Story" "Above us the Waves" "Dunkirk" "Ice-cold in Alex" "I was Monty's Double" "The Valiant" "Operation Crossbow" "King Rat" and my personal favourite "Tunes of Glory"

    Inspirational. A real Gentleman. RIP Sir John.
  13. He has gone for an 'Ice Cold' Burton.

    RIP John
  14. There was nothing better than a film starring John Mill at Christmas. Many a happy afternoon watching him playing the quintessential Englishman (both Soldier and Officer).

    A brilliant man, I will enjoy an "Ice Cold" Carlsberg for him tonight whilst watching him in "The Colditz Story." God bless.