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Sir John Hamilton's Regiment


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Google search for sir john hamilton. First hit is:

Sir John Hamilton, 1st Baronet, of Woodbrook - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is certainly a Sir John Hamilton who was Lieutenant Colonel (an appointment not a rank in those days) of 81st Regiment of Foot by the end of the 18th century. It may be that since he was what we now call CO, they might be known as his regiment (qv Eliot's Light Horse who subsequently became 15th Light Dragoons). He married the granddaughter of the Earl of Tyrone so there is an Ireland connection.

I suspect the regiment you speak of may have derived from the Hamilton barons of Strabane/earls of Abercorn as they were in the 1600s (ancestors of the present Duke of Abercorn). Possibly a privately-raised family regiment which served in the Irish Confederate Wars of the period 1641-54.

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