Sir Ians days are numbered.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bowman_guru, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Looks like he realy does not have long left.

    sky news

    If they are counting the hours after the death as to when he found out, to see if he is lying, What is the point?
    The guy is still dead, he could not have prevented it at that point.
  2. He's only telling the truth but I think we're up to version nine by now.
  3. The Times said today that a leaked IPCC report was highly critical of the Met's training and planning for handling suicide bombers.
    One of the weaknesses, acording to the paper, was that SO19 had not trained to deal with suicide bombers on public transport, only on foot.
    If the IPCC is critical of the Met/Operation Kratos, it is scathing about other UK police forces; no force outsiside the Met currently trains it's firearms teams to deal with suicide bombers.
    The Times also said that, hours before the 7/7 bombings Ian Blair gave a press conferance where he stated that the Met set the"Gold Standard for dealing with terrorism."
    As famous last words go, it's up there with the First World War general who told his troops,"Don't worry men, they could'nt hit an elephant at this dis-" BANG!
  4. The Beeb were running a conspiracy theory news item concerning the damaging 'leaks' which are fuelling Sir Ian's troubles yesterday. In the article they were linking them to Brian Paddick, saying that he might be up for a hearing after a colleague complained that the was talking to the press abour Blair. Since reading it yesterday it has now gone so can't post link to this news item.

    I have to admit that I feel sorry for the bloke who seems to be more in the firing line than seems fair or right - those I know in the Met say that he's not a bad incumbent of his position and has been better than some. Just seems that he's the target at the moment. and of course once certain types smell blood ....

    Anyone in the Met who reads this and would like to shed more light on the matter would be most welcome.

  5. It's nice to see loyalty amongst senior officers and there isn't any here or so it seems. 'Get your retaliation in first' was the advice given to George in Drop the Dead Donkey, I think we're seeing some fans of the show.
  6. Get rid of Ian blair.
    Get rid of the SB operatives.
    Get rid of the officer who controlled the operation at that time.

    Those are the three who shoulder the blame--the guys on the ground who actually shot De Menezes were only a) acting on orders, and b) acting on intelligence they received. SB, in all their incompetence, identified the wrong person.

    However as we all know, there is only one possible outcome for this:
    Ian Blair will be exonerated of all wrong-doing.
    SB will point the finger at anything bar themselves and ultimately create more lies and mis-direction to save their own skin. (do they actually do a job worth wile?).
    The officer who controlled the op will probably be promoted and sent elsewhere.


    The officers with the guns on the ground--acting on the ops officer's false orders, which was thus based on SB incompetence in identifying the target--will be hung out to dry.

  7. Your post is very agreeable. Bring Back good old Lord Stevens. The Yard was in good order before he left!
  8. I would be a good police commissioner.

    I would authorize public shoeings.
    Harrasing people who look suspicious, for example, males between the ages of 10 and 30.
    All officers being armed.
    A shoot to kill-that-mofo policy for all suspect criminals.
    Annual payrise, every year.
    A "get drunk" festival at the end of every shift, using the booze convicated from chavs.
    Arresting of anybody who is provoking racial hatred--e.g. followers of terrorist...err...islam.
  9. Manchester Rouge for PM!