Sir Ian Blair - significant statement due (GO GO GO)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whiffler, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. A "significant statement about the future" is due this afternoon. According to Radio 5

    Years too late, but surely he's off soon.?
  2. Gosh is he off as well to spend more time with his family, love this Labour show of family values.
  3. I have no sympathy for the man. Bumbling idiot goes from one disaster to th next with little or no regard to the wake of mess and debris behind him.

    Wouldn't say he was possible of anything significant apart from saying he's leaving!
  4. If there's a material more stick-resistant than teflon, he's made of it.
    Anyone else would have been shown the door a long time ago.
  5. The final straw, or one of them, supposedly:

    "It was disclosed earlier today that an inquiry into Scotland Yard contracts awarded to a close friend of Sir Ian had uncovered one deal which had not involved a tendering process.

    The so-called “vanity contract”, to promote the commissioner’s image when he took over from Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, was worth £15,000 to Impact Plus, a consultancy run by Andy Miller, a longtime friend of Sir Ian.

    The award of £3 million of contracts to Impact Plus is under investigation by a team of officers led by Sir Ronnie Flanagan, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary."
  6. I stand corrected.
    I doubt he's bothered much. He walks away with a knighthood and a Commisioner's pension.
  7. Perhaps he's suing the Met over something?
  8. If there is one 'public' servant that typifies the moral cancer that this government has spread throughout the public sector over the last decade - it's Ian Blair.

    In the name of God go, and let us have done with you!
  9. Methinks the inquiry into his awarding of contracts has turned up something.

    At last he has gone, I hope he doesnt get a feather bed to land on. He has done himself and the police immense damage, particularly by becoming openly political in favour of New Labour.
  10. So,the (allegedly)corrupt"Sir" Ian Blair is to resign?.Well,p*ss off,then!.

    A typical self-serving Liarbore appointee.

    Any chance of a prosecution for some of the (allegedly)corrupt goings-on under his watch?.
  11. He's resigning within the hour apparently

    His irreconcilable (sp) relationship with Boris is one of the reasons for his departure, that and being a politician rather than a copper.............
  12. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Boris is a top bloke. Another tosser gets put to the sword by him - whether he forced the issue or not, it's good enough for me.

    Sir, do us a favour - stay resigned and do not enter public service again.
  13. I would never suggest or imply that he has done anything wrong.
    Saying that, there have been examples of public servants under investigation resigning to either, bring about an end to investigation, or preserve pension rights should it all go t*t* up.