Sir I have no blank rounds or pyrotechnics in possesion

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiger stacker, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Can you really pass judgement on ammo? You engaged a serbian cattle smuggler if my memory serves me well!!!
  2. Either some dozy fucker lost 6 mags worth of ammo while on ex or someone thought they could ditch them to save a bit of weight. I know which my money would be on.
  3. somebody just didnt want to have to clean their musket
  4. From the looks of the picture it was still boxed and bagged. Oh, the joys of the midnight ammo replen.
  5. I can remember doing a two-week exercise up there once...

    Mind you, I was still carrying a small metal gun

    And thinking about it, it was about 18 years ago (time flies...)
  6. "My son was with me and he was terrified."-

    Buddy, have your son HTFU he sounds like a Knob Gobbler
  7. "Sir. I have no blank rounds, empty cases, pyrotechnics or parts thereof in my possesion sir"

    they're over there in that bush.

    "Well done lad, save me filling more paperwork. Now where's my FFE pad"
  8. Hmmm...feel sorry for the civvy that found not possesion of firearms/ammo an absolute offence, seem to recall some bloke finding a firearm, handing it in and being charged with possesion..????..could be wrong....
  9. Dont make me mad with your stupidity.
  10. What part of 'could be wrong' don't you understand knobber..!!
  11. Well more ammo than the ACF get for a bloody exercise. :L

    And blanks do not count as ammunition in civvi law.
    The can be bought without a firearms licence. So, youre pretty safe picking them up outside military controlled areas?
  12. Thanks for the info.. :)
  13. Oh fucking really? No chance of some little chav taking them apart for the propellent or anything like that then?

    His son does sound a complete pansy though